PROTEST NEWS: Join us in front of the Met (65th and Broadway) on Monday, October 20th at 6 PM; there will also be a press conference with messages from national & community leaders at 5 PM!


Join us in protesting the Met on Monday Oct. 20 at 6 PM (with a press conference beforehand, at 5 PM) against the production of the Klinghoffer opera.  Monday Oct. 20 is the opening night; there will be a caravan of 100 wheelchairs there to dramatize our protest and oppose the Met’s glorification of the Arab terrorists who murdered a wheelchair-bound American Jew.  Please join us on October 20th!  

Thank you to the THOUSANDS of people who came from far and near to join the protest at Lincoln Center (65th Street and Broadway) on Monday Sept. 22!!!    The protest was a great success and received widespread media coverage.   Former Governor Pataki, Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Israeli Knesset Member Ze’ev, Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein, 9-11 Hero’s Sister Debra Burlingame, Catholic League President Dr. Bill Donahoe, Mother of Victim of Terrorism Devorah Halberstam, and many other luminaries spoke at the protest!

Here is a sample of the hate-filled anti-Semitic lyrics in Death of Klinghoffer, which “humanizes” terrorists and falsifies history to “blame Israel”:

America is one big Jew…You are always complaining of your suffering, But wherever poor men are gathered they can find Jews getting fat.  They know how to cheat the simple, exploit the virgin, Pollute wherever you have exploited.  Defame those you cheated, and break your own law with idolatry.”  

 “Death of Klinghoffer”  twists and falsifies Israel’s history to “blame Israel” to try to excuse and “humanize” Palestinian Arab terrorists’ hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship and cold-blooded murder of an innocent disabled Jewish American.
   The real reason why the Arab terrorists hijacked the cruise ship and murdered Leon Klinghoffer was to try to blackmail Israel into freeing arch-murderer/terrorist Samir Kuntar and 50 other convicted Arab terrorists.  Samir Kuntar kidnapped and brutally murdered innocent Israeli father Danny Haran in front of his 4 year old daughter (Kuntar first shot and then drowned Danny to make sure he was dead).  Kuntar then murdered little 4-year-old Einat Haran by smashing her brains in with his rifle butt.  Danny’s wife, who was hiding with their baby, accidentally smothered the baby while trying to keep the baby quiet during the terrorist attack.  Kuntar also murdered another innocent Israeli.  The terrorist mastermind that “Death of Klinghoffer” humanizes as a “man of ideals” (Abu Abbas) continued his terrorist activities after murdering Leon Klinghoffer.  Abbas delivered Saddam Hussein’s “rewards” to Palestinian Arab suicide bombers in Judea and Samaria ($25,000 for each Jewish person murdered).
STOP!  Stop Terrorist OPera!   Major protests are scheduled on the following nights:

Monday September 22 at 4:30 p.m. (opening night gala of the opera season protest);

Monday October 20 (opening night of Death of Klinghoffer protest);

Wednesday October  29 (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest);

Wednesday November 5 (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest);

Saturday night November 8 (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest);

Tuesday November 11  (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest)


Please join us there.

Contact for more information!

Participating Organizations include:  ZOA (Zionist Organization of America); Simon Wiesenthal Center;; Mothers Against Terrorism; AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel); AMCHA; Catholic League; AFI (Advocates for Israel); COPMA (Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art); Jewish Action Alliance; HRCARI (Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam); CIPAC (Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign); Lincoln Square Synagogue; RAJE (Russian American Jewish Experience); Israel’s Voice; Israel Forever Foundation; Rambam Mesivta HS; Hasbara Fellowships; One Israel Fund; MERCL (Middle East Research Center Ltd); Stand with Us; Jewish Political Education Foundation; Congregation Or Zarua; International Committee for the Land of Israel; Congregation Ohab Zedek; Shalhevet HS for Girls; Strength to Strength; Westchester Hebrew High School and more!



Judea Pearl is the father of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter murdered by al Qaeda in 2002. Below are the remarks he prepared for a protest at Monday night’s opening of the Metropolitan Opera, whose season is to include “The Death of Klinghoffer,” an opera widely criticized as justifying terrorism. — The Editors

Friends and fellow protesters:

In joining you today to protest the New York Metropolitan Opera production of this opera, I echo the silenced voice of my son, Daniel Pearl, and the silenced voices of other victims of terror, including James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and including thousands of men, women and children who were murdered, maimed or left heartbroken by the new menace of our generation, a menace of savagery that the Met has decided to elevate to a normative, two-sided status, worthy of artistic expression.

They tell us that the composer tried to “understand the hijackers, their motivations and their grievances.”

I submit to you that there has never been a crime in human history lacking grievance and motivation.

The 9/11 lunatics had profound motivations, and the murderers of my son, Daniel Pearl, had very compelling “grievances.”

In the past few weeks, we have seen with our own eyes that Hamas and ISIS have grievances, too — and they, too, are lining up for operatic productions with the Met.

There is nothing more enticing to a would-be terrorist than the prospect of broadcasting his “grievances” in Lincoln Center, the icon of American culture.

Yet civilized society, from the time of our caveman ancestors, has learned to protect itself by codifying right from wrong, separating the holy from the profane, distinguishing that which deserves the sound of orchestras from that which deserves our unconditional revulsion.

The Met has smeared this distinction and thus betrayed its contract with society.

I submit to you that choreographing an operatic drama around criminal pathology is not an artistic prerogative, but a blatant betrayal of public trust.

We do not stage operas for rapists and child molesters, and we do not compose symphonies for penetrating the minds of ISIS executioners.

No! Composer John Adams, some stories do not have two sides, and what was done to Leon Klinghoffer has one side only.

What we are seeing here in New York today is not an artistic expression that challenges the limits of morality, but a moral deformity that challenges the limits of the art.

This opera is not about the mentality of deranged terrorists, but about the judgment of our arts directors.

The New York Met has squandered humanity’s greatest treasure — our moral compass, our sense of right and wrong and, most sadly, our reverence for music as a noble expression of the human spirit.

We might be able someday to forgive the Met for de-criminalizing brutal minds, but we will never forgive them for poisoning our music — for turning our best violins and our iconic concert halls into megaphones for excusing evil.

[Met General Manager] Peter Gelb, let me repeat what I wrote to you on Thursday:

“May God give you the courage to admit that this was a hasty, short-sighted decision that can be reversed.”

May Danny’s last words strengthen your heart to say: “I erred.”

Judea Pearl is the president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation.



18 Comments on “PROTEST NEWS: Join us in front of the Met (65th and Broadway) on Monday, October 20th at 6 PM; there will also be a press conference with messages from national & community leaders at 5 PM!

  1. Dear Liz,
    Hi! This is an excellent and concise source of information about the opera. Just one thing is missing: can you please add the e-mail addresses of Peter Gelb and the Board of Directors so people to whom I send the link can also write letters of protest?

  2. We were there – with wheelchairs, posters, flyers, and enthusiastic protestors. The police and security personnel were present in large numbers, and succeeded in moving the demonstrators from the front of the opera house to the sidewalk in front of the plaza. It was clear that our actions, that our being there, was a matter of great concern to the Metropolitan Opera personnel. We will return Tuesday and Wednesday nights, July 22 and July 23, 6:30-8 P.M.

  3. I would stress ANTI AMERICAN first in your flyers, unfortunately MANY people look at Israel far away, and many don’t care about Israel or the Jews. The American people have to be educated and realize the terrorists are not just a problem for Israel, they have to realize that in truth Israel is protecting America and the entire world. The Muslims are planning/already infiltrating every corner of the world to do what they are doing in Israel!

  4. An amazing number of people,organizations, schools, and concerned citizens are joining this protest. It is now clear that Peter Gelb, the managing director, who has been adamant in his refusal to cancel the opera, despite our protests and the threat of cancelled subscriptions and money being withheld by big donors, is being funded by the Saudis and those who would like to see the end of the “Big Satan” – America. That is why The Death Of Klinghoffer , the rabidly anti-Jewish, pro-terrorist opera is being presented. All Americans mist band together to protest against this attack on America’s values. September 22 is the day. 4:30 PM is the time. Lincoln Center, NYC is the place. Be there, with all the friends, neighbors, family you can muster.

  5. Here’s my email to Peter Gelb & various Metropolitan Opera supporters:

    “Please Stop The Opera

    Hate dressed up as art is still hate. Please cancel the anti-Semitic show “The Death of Klinghoffer”. In an attempt to create “dialogue” The New York Metropolitan Opera has become a tool of an organized effort that utilizes a sick tactic in the propaganda war against Israel & Jews by delegitimizing their history, rights as a people and nation; rewrites history and draws a moral equivalence between the acts of the Nazis, Israel & Jews today.

    There’s a major difference between showing a human component to an evil character or movement and failing or purposely not reflecting an accurate history of events. As you know the show creates sympathy for the terrorists by comparing the Warsaw Ghetto to the Israeli separation barrier. Curious as to why the show would open with the wall to set the tone considering Klinghoffer was murdered in 1985 & the separation wall that Israel built to stop the Palestinians from launching suicide bombings against its civilians was constructed & completed in the 2000’s. Needless to say the show fails to provide an accurate historical context of the creation of the modern State of Israel and the war launched against the Jews & Israel prior to any Palestinian refugee “issue”.

    The combination of selling a false history and giving voice to the terrorists with lines like, “Wherever poor men are gathered, they can find Jews getting fat” results in a false dialogue. The title of the opera is suspect by itself because the word “Death” was purposely selected instead of “Murder”. Klinghoffer was murdered. Why isn’t the word “Murder” being used in the title if not to try and soften the act of hate and violent murder that was committed against an American Jew and his family?

    I seriously doubt you would put on an opera and try to sell it as an attempt at “dialogue” if the KKK wrote an opera, or if an opera rewrote the history of slavery & the civil rights movement & gave undo sympathy to the people lynching African Americans.

    Thank you for your consideration”

    • I agree, this is nothing more than Anti- Semitic hate, please stop Death of Klinghoffer!!!

  6. I’ll be at the Sept. 22nd protest rally & any future rallies against this anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist travesty. Peter Gelb should be fired and told not to slam the door on his way out!

  7. (Sorry, it seems my post didn’t come out where I used brackets. Hence I re-post it here):

    A good friend of mine who can’t make it from Boston suggested we might want to also do the following:

    “That’s great! The organizers should mobilize people to contact our federal lawmakers to withhold NEA funding….and should register our protest with (read: boycott!) businesses that advertise in the Met’s playbill as well as patrons and sponsors.”

    It makes a lot of sense. I’ll try to do as much as I can from this good suggestion. Adela

  8. It is human nature to think you are wise and liberal by throwing mud at the victim of Arab terrorists and propagandists, Israel. But the MET has dirtied itself considerably.

  9. Needless to say the New York Times did not cover the September 22 protest. In fact it was difficult to find any mention in any media regarding same. Klinghoffer is a perfect example of how we Jews make a terrible mistake over and over again when we fail to enlist the support of Gentile America. The September 22nd protest should have had as many non-Jewish speakers as possible since few people view Jewish protests as anything more than “white noise”. Until mainstream America is made to understand that our fighting against terrorism must be the world’s fight against terrorism, our protests fall on deaf ears. Similarly, the September 22 protesters should not have accosted the Met’s opening night patrons with chants of “shame on you”. Instead they should have looked to enlist support by educating them as to what the Met’s management is doing and the effects of same.

    • Actually the New York Times DID cover the protest, although the NY Times erroneously stated that there were “hundreds” of protestors. In fact there were thousands of protestors. In addition many of the speakers – including Governor Pataki and the head of the Catholic League Bill Donahoe and 9-11 hero’s sister Debra Burlingame- and many of the protestors were Christian. Both Jews and non-Jews came out in full force to protest this pro-terrorist opera.

  10. As a longtime Met patron and a holocaust survivor who lost at least 16 members of my family to nazi murderers, I wonder if perchance an opera will be composed about justifying nazi murderers, would Mr. Gelb and the leaders of the Met would consider performing it?

    • Thank you for writing, Mr. Sanders. It is interesting that you raised the Nazi issue, since the opera uses “Nazi” analogies in a sick, twisted way. “Death of Klinghoffer” uses the false and despicable theme that “Jews are the new Nazis.” For instance, Nazi treatment of Jews in “Warsaw 1943” is compared to false allegations of Jewish treatment of Arabs in “Israel 1948.” In the DVD staging of the opera, the same actor is shown being tormented by Nazis in 1943, and then tormenting Arabs in 1948. The opera’s depiction is of course totally false. In 1948, seven Arab nations invaded Israel with the stated intent of murdering every Jew. The Arab invaders were joined by the Grand Mufti’s local Arab cohorts. Grand Mufti Haj Amin al Husseini was Adolph Hitler’s guest during WW II, helped exterminate Yugoslavian Jews, and incited pogroms in the 1920s and 1930s in which hundreds of Jews living in Jerusalem and Hebron were murdered. In other words, it was the Arabs who were allied with the Nazis.

      • The Grand Mufti was such a strong supporter of Hitler and his aims of eliminating the Jews that he offered the Nazies all of the oil they needed for their war machine free of charge. For that the Grand Mufti was made a General in the German army. The Arabs were then as they are now strong supporters of the Nazi goals and it is obvious to me that nothing much has changed since 1938.The terrorist Arab groups are continuing the policies of Nazi Germany to this day. This is nothing more than an extension of the Holocaust which continues to this day! Much of this information can be viewed on The Military Channel on TV which consist of documentary films made by Nazi photographers but the programming material varies between different wartime events. Also I recommend you and other concerned citizens tune in AM radio station 770 at 3 pm daily and listen to Michael Savage for his commentary about events in the country today.