Protest News

Thank you to the THOUSANDS of people who came from far and near to join the protest at Lincoln Center (65th Street and Broadway) on Monday Sept. 22!!!    The protest was a great success and received widespread media coverage.   Former Governor Pataki, Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Israeli Knesset Member Ze’ev, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein, 9-11 Hero’s Sister Debra Burlingame, Catholic League President Dr. Bill Donahoe, Mother of Victim of Terrorism Devorah Halberstam, and many other luminaries spoke at the protest!

We will also be protesting on Monday Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. and on other nights.  Monday Oct. 20 is the opening of the Klinghoffer opera.  We will be renting 100 wheelchairs and will have a parade of wheelchairs there to dramatize our protest and oppose the Met’s glorification of the Palestinian Arab terrorists who murdered a wheelchair-bound American Jew.  Please join us again on October 20th!

Also note that we are having a press conference at 5 p.m. at Lincoln Center, before the rally, so arrive early if you would like to attend the press conference!    

After the ISIS beheaded American journalists, we should not let the Met humanize and glorify the Palestinian terrorist killers of disabled American Leon Klinghoffer!    

Call ZOA  at 212 481-1500 or AFSI at 212 828-2424 or contact  or for additional information.  We seek everyone’s participation.

Additional nights to be announced – please watch these pages!  

(We were at Lincoln Center on various dates this summer handing out flyers.  We were pleased that so many people agreed that the Met’s scheduled performances of this opera are a disgrace.)

 STOP!  Stop Terrorist OPera!   Major protests are scheduled on the following nights:

Monday September 22 (opening night of the opera season protest)
Monday October 20 (opening night of Death of Klinghoffer protest)
Wednesday October  29 (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest)
Wednesday November 5 (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest)
Saturday night November 8 (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest)
Tuesday November 11  (Death of Klinghoffer performance protest)

Please join us there.  Contact for more information and to volunteer!

“Death of Klinghoffer” justifies PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) terrorists’  brutal murder of an innocent, elderly, disabled, wheelchair-bound Jewish-American on the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985.  The Met’s own form letter openly states that this opera “looks for humanity in the terrorists”!   PLO murderers sing “we are men of ideals.”  A passenger even sings that a terrorist is “extremely nice.”  The Boston Syphony Orchestra (BSO) had the decency to cancel ‘Death of Klinghoffer.”  Several opera houses that commissioned the opera refused to perform it when they saw how it promotes terrorism, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism and a false anti-Semitic version of Israeli history.  Famous commentator Charles Krauthammer stated that the Klinghoffer opera is “deeply sympathetic to the terrorists.”

Famous musicologist Richard Taruskin praised the BSO for canceling the opera, saying “If we want to stamp out terrorism, we can no longer romanticize terrorists and no longer idealize their deeds!”  Tell the Met to follow the BSO’s example!  Cancel this outrageous opera!

“Death of Klinghoffer”  contains outrageous libels stating that Jews cheat, exploit, pollute virgins, defame, break laws, are idolaters, and get fat from the poor. By contrast, the PLO terrorists who murdered a disabled elderly American Jew sing, “We are soldiers fighting a war, we are not criminals, we are not vandals, we are men of ideals.” A passenger even sings that the terrorist “Omar” was “extremely nice.”

The opera also falsifies history to malign Israel’s Jews (to “justify” murdering an American Jew).  The opera falsely accuses Israeli Jews of “razing” and “laying waste” to Arab homes in 1948, and promotes the Big Lie that Jews brutally drove out Arabs from Israel in 1948.   In fact, contemporaneous British police reports and numerous other independent sources documented that Israeli Jews and Jewish leaders begged the Arabs to stay in their homes and live together in peace.  Many Arabs did stay, and are full citizens of Israel today.  Israel has Arab Members of Knesset, doctors, lawyers and Supreme Court Justices.  Those Arabs who left did so because Arab High Committee and seven Arab nations invading the fledgling State of Israel in 1948 told the Arabs to leave, to make the job of killing Israel’s Jews easier.  For instance, Arab Prime Minister Nuri Said declared:  “We will smash the Jews with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in.  The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down.”

The music isn’t even good.  Music critics have called it “banal.”   “Death of Klinghoffer” is simply a work of pro-terrorist propaganda.  Tell the Met not to disgrace its name by performing an opera that falsifies history and glorifies terrorism.


Organizations Sponsoring and Participating in the Protests include:

ZOA (Zionist Organization of America);

The Simon Wiesenthal Center;

Mothers Against Terrorism;

The Catholic League;

COJO (the Council of Orthodox Jewish Organizations);

The Bridge Project;

COPMA (Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art);;

CIPAC (Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign);

AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel);


AFI (Advocates for Israel);

Jewish Action Alliance;

HRCARI (Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam);

Congregation Or Zarua;

Congregation Ohab Zedek;

Hasbara Fellowships;

International Committee for the Land of Israel;

Israel Forever Foundation;

Israel’s Voice;

One Israel Fund;

Jewish Political Education Fundation;

MERCL (Middle East Research Center Ltd.)

Rambam Mesivta HS;

RAJE (Russian American Jewish Experience);

National Alliance on Jewish Affairs;

Lincoln Square Synagogue

Shalhevet HS for Girls;

Stand With Us;

Strength to Strength;

WHHS (Westchester Hebrew High School)

and more!.