Tell the Met

Please call and/or write to Met Manager Peter Gelb and Met board members and donors and urge them to stop the pro-terrorist opera.  Please look over the list of board members and donors and see if you know anyone there.  It is especially helpful for Met board members and donors to hear from their friends!

(To see some of the letters that people have previously written to the Met,  see our Letters to the Met page.)

Please also send us (at your letters or the Met’s responses that you would like us to post.

We urge you to call and/or write to:

Peter Gelb
General Manager
The Metropolitan Opera
Lincoln Center
New York, NY 10023

And Mr. Fabio Luisi, Principal Conductor at the Met, email:

Additional list of persons connected with the Met to email, to ask them to cancel the opera (Please let us know if you find more addresses or if any of these are incorrect): Bruce Kovner <>, Charles Annenberg Weingarten <>, Dafna Meitar Nechmad <>, Met Executive Office <>, Gregory Annenberg Weingarten <>, I Rosenthall <>, J Moss <>,Jeanette Lerman Neubauer <>, Jeanette Lerman Neubauer <>, Jed Bernstein <>, K Farley <>, Kevin Kennedy <>, L Parker <>, Lauren Bon <>, P Duffin <>, Rena De Sisto <>, T Podell <>, Tom Findelpearl <>, Wallis Annenberg <>

And the Metropolitan Opera’s music director James Levine –  as well as the Opera’s Board members, listed on the Met’s website at and below:

Board of Directors:

Ann Ziff (Chairman), Kevin W. Kennedy (President and Chief Executive Officer), Mercedes T. Bass (Vice Chairman), Judith-Ann Corrente  (Secretary), Betsy Cohen (Treasurer), William C. Morris (Chairman of the Executive Committee), Frayda B. Lindemann (Vice President), Christine F. Hunter (Honorary Chairman), James W. Kinnear  (Honorary Chairman), Paul M. Montrone  (President Emeritus), Mrs. Ezra K. Zilkha (Vice Chairman Emerita)

Managing Directors:

Mercedes T. Bass, Frank A. Bennack, Jr., Susan S. Braddock, Betsy Cohen, Leonard S. Coleman, Jr., Judith-Ann Corrente, Rena De Sisto, Jerry del Missier, Mrs. Paul Desmarais Sr., Misook Doolittle, Marina Kellen French, Joan Granlund, Eugene P. Grisanti, Rolf Heitmeyer, Marlene Hess, Christine F. Hunter, Frederick Iseman, John J. Noffo Kahn, Kevin W. Kennedy, James W. Kinnear, Bruce Kovner, Camille D. LaBarre, Mrs. Walter J. Laughery, Jr., Harry T. Lee, Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer, Frayda B. Lindemann, Dafna Meitar-Nechmad, Mrs. Corbin R. Miller, William R. Miller, Vivian Milstein, William C. Morris, Elena A. Prokupets, Laura J. Sloate, Howard Solomon, Hon. David A. Straz, Jr., Ambassador Nicholas F. Taubman, Mrs. Wilmer J. Thomas, Jr., Robert I. Toll, Robert L. Turner, Ann Ziff

Honorary Directors:

Bruce Crawford, Edgar Foster Daniels, Emily Fisher Landau, Mrs. Alexander M. Laughlin, Laurence D. Lovett, James S. Marcus, John K. McKinley, Paul M. Montrone, Dr. M Lee Pearce, Mrs. Ezra K. Zilkha

Advisory Directors:

Josef Ackermann, Marcos Arbaitman, Adrienne Arsht, M. Beverly Bartner, Ellen S. Berelson, Stanley M. Bergman, Glen W. Bowersock, Jacques E. Brand, Ms. Angela Chao, Nabil N. Chartouni, Christoper H. Cheever, Daniel C. Cochran, Alberto Cribiore, Gary B. Flom, Gordon P. Getty, Nancy A. Green, Ephraim Greenwall, Beth A. Grosshans, Ray J. Groves, H. Alexandra Kauka Hamill, William A. Haseltine, Thomas J. Hubbard, Linda E. Johnson, Helen Y. Little, Tod Johnson, Klaus Kleinfeld, Dr. Herbert G. Kloiber, Dr. David G. Knott, Meyer G. Koplow, Theodore A. Kurz, Dominique Laffont, Mitchell L. Lathrop, Dr. Coco Lazaroff, Andrew J. Martin-Weber, Dr. Richard J. Massey, Anne Welsh McNulty, Harvey R. Miller, Richard J. Miller, Jr. , Linda Mirels, Ellen F. Oelsner, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Joseph R. Perella, Miss Leontyne Price, Hartley R. Rogers, Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr., Sana H. Sabbagh, Mrs. Arnold Schwartz, Jacqui Smith, Daisy M. Soros, Richard S. Tedlow, John J. Veronis, Arete S. Warren


Mahmoud M. Abdallah, R. Joseph Barnett, Jane Beasley, Mrs. Thomas S. Brush, Eleanor N. Caulkins, Robert J. Cubitto, Mrs. Bryant Reeve Dunn, Robert G. Edge, Beatrice Esteve, Sanford H. Fisher, Eugene M. Grant, G. Morris Gurley, Mrs. Randolph H. Guthrie, O. Delton Harrison, Jr., Erik Hartmann, Henry H. Hoyt, Jr., Mattiwilda Dobbs Janzon, Mrs. Martin S. Kimmel, W. Loeber Landau, Mrs. Joan C. Long, Sandra Ourusoff Massey, John L. McGraw, Mrs. Peter H. Nicholas, Dr. Steve Prystowsky, Sharon Robinson, Joan C. Schwartz, Cynthia D. Sculco, Mrs. William F. Sondericker, Jackson Tai, Barry Tucker, Mrs. Robert Wagenfeld, Mrs. Ralph M. Wyman (and all of the Directors)

Young Associate Directors:

Agnieszka R. Balaban, Alexa Bator Chae, Diego De Giorgi, Stephanie Potter Foster, Heather H. Georges, Matthew G. Hurd, Vikas Kapoor, Yung Hee Kim, Joshua Kindler, Melissa Ko, So-Chung Shinn Lee, Helen Lee-Warren, Pedro Magalhães, Julie Warner McAskin, Evelyn M. M. Popp, Itai Shoffman, Langdon Van Norden, Jr., Shivani Vora, Dale Westreich, Rebecca Wui, Satoko Yahata, Simon Yates

Read more: ZOA Urges Cancellation of Metropolitan Opera’s Planned Anti-Semitic Anti-Israel Performances (and Worldwide Broadcast) of Death of Klinghoffer.  (NOTE:   Only the broadcast was cancelled.  The live performances are still scheduled!   Please urge the Met to stop the live performances.) 

Please also contact the Met’s Donors (especially anyone that you know on this list) and ask them to demand that the Met should cancel this pro-terrorist, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic opera!

Met Opera Campaign Donors

$1,000,000 and above

Toll Brothers, Inc.
The Annenberg Foundation
The Neubauer Family Foundation
The Vincent A. Stabile Endowment for Broadcast Media

Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences (WA)
The Alice Tully Foundation (NY)
†Dr. Agnes Varis and †Karl Leichtman (NY)

$500,000 and above

Estate of Alan D. Aberbach (Canada)
Rita Allen Foundation, in memory of Milton and Lucette Cassel (NJ)
The Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation (CT)
The Bauman Foundation (DC)
Judith and Russell Carson (NY)
The E.H.A. Foundation (NY)
Gramma Fisher Foundation, Marshalltown, Iowa (IA)
The Starr Foundation (NY)
In memory of Frank E. Taplin, Jr. (VT)
Estate of Maria Yauger (NJ)

$250,000 or more

Gould Family Foundation, in memory of Jo Copeland (NY)
Trust of Robert W. Schaefer (IL)
†Chads C. Skinner (CA)
Wallis Foundation (CA)

$100,000 and above

The †Reverend and Mrs. Victor L. Baer, DD (PA)
Mr. and †Mrs. John R. Doss (NY)
Robert K. Johnson Foundation (NY)
Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee (NY)
Estate of Alfred Manheim (FL)
Trust of Suzanne Poole (AZ)
The Robins Family Foundation (NY)
In memory of Elizabeth D. Schumacker (PA)
†Dr. Agnes Varis, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
†Mrs. Mona Webster (Scotland)

$50,000 and above

Steffi Berne, in memory of Rhoda Mokotoff (NY)
Estate of Henry C. Bryant (MI)
Michael and Miriam Burnside, in memory of Anne M. Burnside (CA)
Hope A. Curtis (NM)
†James W. Ellington (CT)
The Farkas Family Foundation, in memory of Florence Roth Farkas (VA)
In memory of Anna R. Harms (Canada)
Estate of Lois Hilgeman (NJ)
The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation (NY)
Jane Stieren Lacy, in memory of Arthur T. Stieren (TX)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Merrin (NY)
The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation (FL)
Estate of Virginia R. Sayre (DC)
Estate of Phyllis Kyle Stephenson (VA)
Professor Richard S. Tedlow and Dr. Donna M. Staton (MA)
Mrs. John Todd (NJ)
2 Anonymous

$25,000 and above

Arnhold Foundation (NY)
Richard and Carol Boas, in memory of Edith Marks Baldinger and Ruth Boas (CT)
Theodore Chu (NY)
Emily and John Corry (NY)
Estate of Norma E. Gross (LA)
Reuben Herzfeld Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (OH)
Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation (NY)
The Kligerman Family Foundation (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre (NY)
Joseph Masteroff, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin R. Miller (NY)
Trust of Robert W. Schaefer (IL)
The Cynthia R. Tremblay Foundation (VA)
1 Anonymous


$10,000 and above

Edward M. Acton (CA)
Joan Taub Ades and Alan M. Ades (NY)
Stanley Asrael, in memory of Evelyn Asrael (MD)
Nancy and Jim Barton (CT)
Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden (IL)
M. Elizabeth Brothers (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Buck (WV) 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christensen III (NY)
Malcolm H. and Ann Cole (GA)
Jane and Jerry del Missier (Switzerland)
Joan and Donald Fried (NY)
Glied Family, Toronto and New York 
Meredith Griffiths, in memory of Anne K. Dahl and Clarence Klopsic (VA)
Maura Harway and Richard Mark (NY)
Dr. George S. Heyer, Jr. (TX)
Mrs. Halina Jamner (NY)
Alfred G. Kelley (VA) 
†Selwyn and Marilyn Kudisch (MA)
Mrs. James F. Lincoln, Jr. (OH)
C. Jerome Lombardo Family Foundation, in memory of Louis D’Angelo and Louise D’Angelo Lombardo (NY)
Elizabeth McFall (NY)
Dr. Arthur M. Mellor (TN)
Leonard and Sally Michaels, in memory of Sylvia and Seymour Rosenberg (NY)
Dr. Thomas H. Powell, in memory of Dr. William W. More (MD)
Prince Charitable Trusts (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Quagliano (NJ)
In memory of Mona McMillan Reid (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rudner (TN)
Ann Schwendener (MI)
Marcia Sprules (NY)
John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer, in honor of Robert Turner (LA)
H.B. Wehrle Foundation (WV)
Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Wilson (CA)
Trust of Judith C. Wolf (CA)
Ralph and Toni Wyman (CT)
Ursule Phaeton Yates, in memory of Savari A. Phaeton (PA)
2 Anonymous Donors

$5,000 and above

Marilyn Adams, in honor of Raymond Carlyle (CA)
William D. Adams (MA)
Anderson-Paffard Foundation (CT)
Mr. and †Mrs. Robert Arnow (NY)
Gail Asper, in memory of my mother, Babs Asper (Canada)
N. Sue Barnes (NY)
James F. Barnett, Jr., in memory of Bessie and Jim Barnett (MS)
Robert E. Beck (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. William Cammack (TN)
Jacques and Emy Cohenca Foundation (NY)
Ronald E. Compton (CT)
Robert J. Cook, in honor of Birgit Nilsson and the Music of Richard Wagner (IL)
Thomas Doran (MI)  
Mrs. Myron H. Downs (ME)
Joel Eatmon (TX)
Donna Z. Eden (MD)
Suzanne B. Engel (NJ)
Gonzalo Escalante, in memory of Martha B. Escalante (NY)
Firestone Family Foundation (FL)
William A. Fleig (IL)
Mary A. Flynn, M.D. (FL)
Steve Forrester (OR)
Rhoda L. Frank (IL)
Lorraine Gallard (DC)
Janie Giacomini and Peter Van Olinda (NY)
Lance J. Gotko and Paul A. Caddell (NY)
Mort Greenberg, in honor of in honor of James King (Canada)
Dr. Mona June Hagyard (KY)
Rebecca Hansen (NY)
Gary Harris (VA)
Barbara Shifrin Hass, in memory of William K. Hass (NJ)
Jerry Hawke (DC)
Barbara Haws and William Josephson, in honor of Beverly J. Ross (NY)
Susan W. Herring, in honor of Ira Weller (WA)
Mrs. Margaret Holbrook, in memory of Morton Holbrook (KY)
Mrs. H. Earl Hoover (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hupper (NY)
Bruce and Kathleen Johnson (VA)
Franklin P. and Catherine H. Johnson, Jr. (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kaplan (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Kitchen (VA)
Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr.,  in memory of Mary Lee Craig (CT)
Nancy Krakow, in memory of Charles Kullman – Tenor (CA)
Pamela S. Kunkemueller (MA)
Nancy Langsan, in memory of Lillian and Ira Langsan (NY)
Michael A. Leone, in memory of Marion Talley, coloratura soprano (TX)
Walter H. Lippincott, Jr. (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring (PA)
Jacqueline Badger Mars (VA)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Mergen (NY)
The Mosaic Foundation, to honor the MET Opera Lovers, Peter and Stella Sichel (MI)
Stewart Pearce and Kevin Kellogg (NY)
James L. Perzik, in honor of Judi Perzik (CA)
Anna M. Pontecorvo (NY)
Lia and William Poorvu (MA)
Edward J. Quinlan (HI)
Mrs. Jack L. Ratzkin (FL) 
Anna K. Reimann (PA)
Claire Richardson (MD)
Donald W. Richman, M.D. (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Russell (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco (NY)
Antoinette Farrar Seymour (PA)
Jesse and Rochelle Shereff (NY)
Ellen Sherman (CA)
Richard and Jeannette Sias (OK)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Siegfried (CO)
Ruth Silver, in honor of Ginny Maes (CO)
Jill S. Slater (NY)
Floyd Smith (NY)
Lynn G. Straus (NY)
Barbara Augusta Teichert (PA)
Heddy M. Theimer (NY)
Heidi Ulrich, in memory of Ursula Bisconer (CA)
Mrs. Langdon Van Norden (CT)
In memory of Gertrude K. Voss (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Wagner, in memory of Josephine Ebner (NJ)
Warters Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey (NJ)
Lucille Werlinich (NY)
Michael Williams (NJ) 
Marguerite A. Wyman (MA) 
Julia Yang (CA)
Anonymous Donors


$2,500 or above

Madeline and Stephen Anbinder, in memory of Gussie Anbinder (NY)
Ann Askew (VA)
T. R. Baird (FL)
Dianne Balfour (NY)
The Barker Welfare Foundation (NY)
Celia Barteau (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. John Baumgardner (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Avie Bennett (Canada)
Jane C. Bergner, in honor of the staff of the Metropolitan Opera (MD)
Elizabeth E. Bowman (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bullen (NY)
Caroline Walker Bynum (NY)
Dr. Sharron M. Capen, in memory of Charles C. Capen (OH)
Gregory and Marcia L. Coleman (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colin (NY)
C. W. and Dorothy A. Comer, in memory of Richard F. Monges, Jr. (ME)
Mr. and Mrs. John Craig (NS)
Rigney and Robert J. Cunningham, in memory of Rita S. Rigney
Maude S. Davis (NY)
Igor Dawid (MD)
Julia W. Dayton (MN)
Mrs. Vincent de Roulet (NY)
Amos Deinard (MN)
Joy Denman (DC)
Betty Lou Dubois (NM)
Linda Durham, Ph.D., in memory of Anne K. Roddey (VA)
Carol A. Dyer, in memory of Gene Gordon (DC)
Evelyn Ericson (WI)
Ellen and Rod Eyster (DC)
William S. Filbrun and Robert W. Peterson (OH)
Marvin Fletcher, in memory of Hilary Fletcher (OH)
Rosemary Franck, in memory of Robert Bagar (NY)
Dr. Stuart L. Fuld (MA)
Thomas Gahlon, in memory of Emerson Cammack (IL)
Theodore Garelis (CA)
Pat and Ralph Gilby (DE)
Joan Goldberg, in memory of Dr. Herman Helpern (MA)
Mary and Gordon Gould (NY)
Marianne Gourary, in honor of Jeannette Streit Rohatyn (NY)
Laurie Graham (PA)
Kathleen Grierson (HI)
Charles J. Haughney (MD)
Richard L. Hay (OR)
Nancy L. Hayward (NY)
Dorothea H. Hoffman (NJ)
Eva Holzer, in memory of Erich Holzer (NJ)
Mrs. Lyman Hoover (FL)
Maisie Houghton (MA)
Spencer C. Hunt (MA)
Deirdre D. Kieckhefer (CA)
George M. Knauf (MD)
C. A. Kuper (MD)
Christian Lange (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. John C. La Rosa (NY)
Jack Lehman (WA)
Louise Stillman Lehrman, in memory of Ada Latimer Stillman (CT)
LTC David Lindauer, U.S. Army Retired, in memory of Colonel Harry Lindauer, U.S. Army Retired (MD)
Dr. Leonard M. Lipman (CA)
Rebecca Lipman (NY)
Robert Littman, in memory of Helene MacLean (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Lobl, in memory of Minnie Lobl (NY)
Robert T. Long (OH)
Susan Lynner, in memory of Helen Dalby (DC)
Elizabeth L. McKeever (NY)
Perry McLelland (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller (CT)
Karl Moller (NY)
William and Susan Morris, in memory of R. Bryan Miller (CA)
Marc E. Nicholson (DC)
Diane A. Nixon, in honor of Gillian Attfield (NY)
John F. Olson (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Padwe (VA)
Jane Pak (TX)
William J. Pananos (MA)
Joseph and Victoria Persky (IL)
C. J. Pinnell (IL)
Dr. and Mrs. Peter I. Pressman (NY)
Laura Rainey (CA)
Jane Rawoof, in memory of Helen P. Foster (NY)
Mary S. Risley (CA)
Karen and Gary Rose (NJ)
Sandra P. Rose (NY)
Seymour S. Rubak, in memory of Jane Rubak (MD)
Vivianne Russell, in memory of Norman F. S. Russell, Jr. (NJ)
Dr. and Mrs. Hans P. E. Sachse (VA)
Beverly Sackler, in memory of Mildred Gardner (CT)
Lillian T. Savage (CA)
Patsy Savage (OK)
William and Gerie Schumann (MA)
Melvin and Susan Schwarzwald (OH)
Joan and Arnold Seidel, Kantor Charitable Trust (CA)
Jeanne Serrill, in memory of George Robertson (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Severin (VA)
Arthur Siler (MA)
Edith D. Sillman (CT)
Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Siner (MA)
Wolfram Skibbe, in honor of Christine Weidinger and Catherine Gayer (Canada)
Fred Smith (GA)
Dr. Virginia Smith, in memory of Roslyn Sarezky (CT)
David Sommerfield (DC)
Albert Spengler, in memory of Russell H. Behrens and Russell S. Behrens (VA)
Heidi Steffen, in honor of Dmitri Hvorostovsky (NM)
Gary L. Strawn (IL)
Arthur J. Sullivan (CA)
Mrs. Frances M. Sullivan (GA)
Dr. Norrie Thomas (MN)
Suzanne Trazoff (ME)
Virginia Tse (NY)
Margrit W. Vanderryn (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Wagner (MA)
Thomas C. Wallace (NJ)
Charles S. and Jacqueline M. Warren (NY)
Gerald L. Webb (United Kingdom)
Barbara Weldon (WV)
Mrs. W. J. Wilkinson (LA)
2 Anonymous Donors


$1,000 and above

Louise T. Adler (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Aharoni (NY)
Joan Aldous (IN)
Mary Helen Allburt (TX)
Mary Althaus (Japan)
Ethan D. Alyea (IN)
Robert B. Amdur, in memory of Ned Amdur (MD)
Wayne R. Anderson (CA)
Mrs. Deborah Antanaitis (PA)
Robert B. Ardis, in memory of Catherine Ardis (NJ)
Helen Aring, in memory of Beverly Sills (CA)
Beth L. Armsey (IL)
Doris Aronson, M.D., in memory of Jackie Djeddah (MD)
Page Ashley (NY)
Daniel and Karen Atwood, in honor of Frank J. Fiorina (WI)
Phoebe S. Atwood (OR)
Leonard L. Aulenbach (PA)
Dr. Edward Axelrod, in memory of Maxine Axelrod (NY)
Judge Roy Babitt (NY)
Albert Baernstein (MO)
Thomas Bak (VA)
Ruth and Louis Baker Family Foundation (NY)
Jo Baktis (England)
Dr. Claudia B. Balducci (FL)
Henry Bankhead, in memory of Helen Byer (NY)
Virginia Banks (NY)Gordon A. Barron (FL)
Mrs. Mary J. Baskerville (PA)
Anthony Bassett (MO)Robert Bastress (WV)
A.W. Bazemore (GA)
Callie D. Becker (CA)
Brenda Bemben, in memory of John Ressner (CT)
Herbert W. Benario (GA)
Ann Bender (CA)
Marjorie Benjamin, in honor of Miss Sophia Wowk (NY)
Herman Berkman, in honor of Lin Dodge (MA) 
Lawrence Berlin (MI)
David T. Berner (MT)
Sharon Bertsch (WA)
Karen M. Bibb (WA)
Jan R. Birsch, in memory of Harry E. Erdley (PA)
Linda C. Black (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Blodgett (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Hy Bloom (Canada)
Anne Boardman, in memory of Francis Boardman (MA)
Virginia Boucher (CO)
Jean Bower (DC)
Mrs. Charles Bragg (CA)
Marjorie Brandriss (NJ)
Dr. and Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup, Jr., in memory of Helen P. Moncure (VA)
Gretchen D. Breiling (CA)
Stephen R. Brenner, in memory of Louis and Irene Roth (TX)
Gerald Breslauer (CA)
Elizabeth Brickfield, in memory of Helen Brickfield (NV)
Dr. Edward W. Brink, in memory of Raymond O. and Lillian S. Brink (GA)
Elizabeth Brisk, in memory of David C. Brisk (ME)
Mr. Alan Bromberg (TX)
Susan Bromley (MA)
Doris Brown (CA)
William R. Brown (NY)
Sandra Bruggemann, in memory of John P. Bruggemann (IA)
Dr. Barbara Bruner (GA)
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Buchman (NY)
Lee Buddendeck, in memory of Katherine Buddendeck (DC)
Wilma and Darryl C. Bullington, in honor of Juan Diego Flórez (WA)
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Burns, in memory of Wilma C. Burns (ME)
Barbara Burrell (OH)
Nina Bykow (NY)
John C. Caldwell (OR)
Mrs. Annette C. Caleel (CA)
Diane and Pericles Caminis, in memory of Bernard T. Wilens (CT)
Susan Campbell (PA)
Patrizio Cardarelli (ON)
Phyllis M. Carstens, in memory of Harold H. Carstens (NJ)
Gordon Case (WI)
Castagnola Family Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation (NM)
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cawley (CA)
Mary Chamberlain (MA)
Bernard Chasson (MA)
Dr. Edward Chupp, in memory of Mary Miklos Chupp (NH)
Dr. W. E. Clendenning (NH)
Jane S. Coe (MA)
Richard Cohen (FL)
Heather E. Cole (MA)
Karen Cole (NY)
Community Fdn of Tennessee (TN)
Helen Connell (NY)
Mary O. and John T. Connor (FL)
Joyce S. Conrardy (WI)
Nancy S. Cook (TX)
Joan Cornblath, in memory of Dr. Marvin Cornblath (MD)
Sophie Coumantaros (NY)
Barbara Coussement, in memory of Elizabeth G. and Robert V. Jones (IL)
Dr. Marilyn Cowger (WA)
Mrs. Robert Cragg (IL)
William Craig, in honor of Richard and Kay Munsen (NY)
Forrest S. Crawford (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Creason (CA)
Edmund and Joan Crouch, in memory of Evelyn Luskin (MA)
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Crowe (CA)
Hugh Cullman (NY)
Mrs. John Cutler (PA)
Don F. Dagenais (MO)
Dennis Dalton, in memory of Lois Smith (TX)
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Dana, Jr. (NJ)
Norma Danielson (MN)
Linda M. Davis (NM)
Paul De Cleva, in memory of Mrs. Camilla De Cleva (TX)
Theodosia De Francois (MA)
Miguel A. De Soto-Perera (KS)
Zyla Deane (CO)
Mary and Michael Delfino, in memory of Katharine Moran Douglas (NY)
Mary Delich (PA)
Leslie Desmond (MI)
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Deutsch (NY)
Priscilla E. Dever (IL)
Rosalind Devon (NY)
Barbara Dickstein (MD)
Ann Dillon (NY)
Daniel Donovan (CT)
William Dorsey (NC)
Marjorie Dovman (NY)
Edmund Duffy, in honor of Helen Duffy (NY)
Edward Dumit, in honor of John and Ava Butts (OK)
Arnold D. Duncan (CA)
Alice and Richard Dunn (NM)
Reverend Ralph Edwards (NY)
William Edwards (Canada)
Anne E. Egger (IL)
Marian Eichar, in honor of Licia Albanese (OH)
Shirley Elfers (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Elleman (MA)
J. David Ellett (NY)
David Elliott (MA)
Linda Emanuele (IL)
Mary Evans, in honor of John Schuler (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewald (DC)
David Fechheimer (CA)
Arthur F. Ferguson (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Finnegan (NY)
Frank J. Fiorina, in honor of Karen Atwood (WI)
Betsy Fitzgerald (WA)
Shirley Flanagan (MI)
Drs. James & Twila Floyd (AL)
Helen H. Ford (PA)
Gerald Frauwirth (CT)
J. Arthur Freed (NM)
Ms. Joan M. Frost (CT)
Elaine West-Fry, in memory of Eugene M. Fry (CO)
Mrs. John Fuller (CO)
Kenneth Furrier, in memory of John and Rose Furrier (OH)
Furth Family Foundation (NY)
Dr. Thomas Fynan (CT)
Caroline D. Gabel (MD)
Frederica Gamble (NY)
Steen Gammeltoft, MD, Copenhagen (Denmark)
John Gardner (NC)
Stephen Gardner, in memory of Benjamin Temeles (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. David Gay (NM)
Laverne D. Gayles, in memory of George E. Gayles (SC)
Edward V. Geist, in memory of Florence Geist (NY)
Richard A. Gemperle (WA)
Virginia Geoffrey, in memory of Cleo Hogan Geoffrey (VA)
Margherita Getman, in memory of John Melville Woods (CT)
Richard B. Gidez (PA)
Patricia Gilmartin (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Ginsburg (VA)
Gladys D. Giordano, in memory of Maria G. Volino (NY)
Dorothy F. Glass, in memory of Sylvia Glass Goldfrank (NY)
Gertrude Glenn (MD)
Joan Golan, in memory of Lena M. Marlow (NY)
Lyn Goldman (Canada)
Laurel Gonsalves (NY)
Margaret L. Goodman (NY)
James E. Goodnight, Jr. (CA)
Edward C. Gordon (CA)
Dr. Richard B. Gould (PA)
Dorothy Gravesmill, in honor of Risë Stevens (IL)
John W. Gray (Canada)
Robert Gray (CO)
Virginia Gray (NY)
Mrs. Robert M. Greenhood (CA)
Joanne T. Greenspun (NJ)
John B. Greg (NY)
John F. Gribos (MA)
William Grinker, in memory of Hannah Grinker (NY)
Beverly Grossman (CA)
Frank Grossman, in memory of Elisabeth Grümmer (IA)
Elaine Grudzinski (NY)
George F. W. Haenlein (MD)
Aaron S. Hamburger (NY)
Arthur Hamilt (VA)
Lydia K. Hamilton, in honor of Lee Hamilton Glatzer (MD)
Mary M. Hammond (MA)
Sarah Handelman (IL)
Sarah Harding (IL)
Joyce N. Harlan (OR)
John Harper, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Barbara A. Hawkins, in memory of Opal M. Soule (CA)
Louise Hazeltine (PA)
Dr. Jane Hazlett (PA)
R. William Heckel (France)
Peter Heinrich and Cynthia Lilley (NY)
Mary Jane Heitzmann (MO)
Rosalie Heller (NM)
Fay J. Henry (MA)
Michael Herschler, in memory of Freda Herschler (OH)
Willard J. Hertz (ME)
Ms. Laurel Heyman (MI)
Kirk D. Hickey, in memory of Thomas Hickey (TX)
Dr. John G. Hildebrand (AZ)
Dorothy Hiltner (OR)
Kenneth E. Holden (NY)
Linda Hollick (NY)
Mona Hollier, in memory of John Bodemuller Hollier (LA)
Howard Holt (NY)
Katherine Holter (PA)
Deborah Holtz (NY)
Barbara Horn, in honor of Elayne Horn (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Horowitz, in memory of Frances Vaughan (NY)
Mrs. Harry C. Hoyt (NM)
Katherine B. Hoyt (NC)
Susanne F. Hubbach (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Huber (NY)
Richard and Priscilla Hunt (MA)
Dr. and Mrs. James Hurley (NY)
David K. and Kaye Duke Ingalls (NM)
Waltraud Ireland (NY)
Horace H. Irvine (MA)
Marjorie Jack (Canada)
Frederick L. Jacobson, in honor of Harold Kuskin (NY)
John F. Johnston (NY)
Sharon Johnston (IL)
Marilyn S. Jones, in honor of Monica D. Otal (MI)
Louis E. Kahn, in memory of Karleen Martin and Dorothy Worthington (DC)
Kathleen Kallmeyer (CA)
William W. Karatz (NY)
Joann Karges (TX)
Andrea Karls (MA)
Mr. Clarence H. Kay, Jr. (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Keane (NY)
Richard P. Kelisky (NY)
Arthur G. Kent, in memory of Monica and Robert Kent (GA)
Judith H. Kidd (MA)
Maureen Kilfoyle, in memory of Dr. Richard M. Kilfoyle (NY)
Charles M. Kimbrough, in memory of Mrs. Florence Raudenbush (CA)
Dr. Walter L. Kirchner (DC)
John O. Kirkpatrick (TX)
Ms. Betsy S. Kleeblatt (DC)
Judith Klein (NY)
Robert E. Klein (KY)
Marilyn Kloss (MA)
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Koehl, in memory of Paul Vilardi, M.D. (TX)
Mr. and Ms. Richard Koerner (MA)
Vera Kohn (FL)
Anne Kubelik, in memory Of Lillian Kubelik (VA)
Kenneth Kuehnl (WA)
John W. Kure and Cheryl L. Solich (CO)
Richard C. Lafave (TX)
Calvin Lake (NL)
Ellen Lambiris (NC)
Margery O. Lane, in memory of Dr. Lenoir Wright (NC)
Judge and Mrs. J. Perry Langford (CA)
Belina Lazzar (CA)
Eleanor W. Leach (IN)
Bob Leahy, in honor of Gene/Karl (NY)
Marianne Legun (CA)
C. and M. Leith (OR)
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Leone, Jr. (NY)
David S. Lermond (DE)
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Joyce Letaw (MD)
Jennifer and Larry Levine, in memory of Norma Levine (CA)
Leonard Levine (CA)
Blanche Z. Lewis (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Liddy (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. John Lieske (MN)
Dr. Thomas Lincoln (TN)
Phyllis Lindley (CA)
Pamela Lindstrom (MD)
Selina F. Little (MA)
Robert F. Luckey, in memory of Grace Khan (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Y. Lui (TX)
Patriciann Lyons (NY)
Loretta MacLean, in memory of James K. MacLean (AL)
Frank Maher (CT)
Miriam Malach, in memory of Doris Tobias (NY)
Edward Mallon (NH)
Nancy Malone, in memory of Gloria Stuart (CA)
Miriam Mangot (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. John Manlove, in honor of George Theodore (MD)
HJ and Anne Manwell (NY)
Norma B. Marin, in memory of Bernard A. Vezzetti (NY)
Neil B. Marks (IN)
Mr. Timmie Marr (Canada)
Mary E. Marshall, in memory of Beverly Sills (OR)
G. E. Martin (NY)
Jorge Martinez (FL)
Mrs. Stanley Marx (LA)
Cheryl May and Julianne Haddad, in memory of Elizabeth Heuston Stray (WA)
Felicia S. May (AZ)
Clyde T. McCants (SC)
Gwynne G. McDevitt (PA)
Martin G. McDonald (WI)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McGonigle (VA)
John McGregor (AZ)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy McNamara, in honor of Maura McNamara (IL)
Marilyn Meltzer, in memory of Judith C. Wolf (CA)
Joseph F. Merklin (KS)
Pamela Merrill, in memory of Director Nathaniel Merrill (CO)
Robert Merryman (CA)
Lynn C. Meyers, in memory of Anna Hamlin (NY)
Margo Miller, in honor of David Elliot (MA)
John Mills (MI)
Dr. Robert I. Misbin (MD)
In honor of Haydee and Carlos A. Mollura (CA)
Dr. Milka M. Montiel (TX)
Richard Morris (MA)
B.J. Mulady, in memory of Arnold Lopez (England)
Mrs. James J. Mulligan (OH)
William F. and Mary B. Murdy (CT)
Joan B. Murphy (TX)
Edward Navone, in honor of Carlo Bergonzi (KS)
Ernest Neighbor (KS)
Nathan Newbury (MA)
Richard Nielsen (CO)
Gregory Nieto, in memory of Eleanor Steber (PA)
James and Mary Nordlund (OH)
Karen Ojamaa (MA)
Jaylyn Olivo (MA)
Harry A. Olund (OR)
Wendell E. Orr (VA)
Dorothy Osborn (CT)
Constance Paine and Peter S. Paine (NY)
Robert Palmer (CA)
Michael E. Patnode (MA)
Barbara Paul, in memory of Sonya Shen (NY)
Angela D. Paulos (TX)
Virginia Payne (TX)
Frederick Peters (NY)
Betty Jo Petersen (CA)
Viktoras Petroliunas, in memory of Maribeth Petroliunas (IL)
Dr. and Mrs. Roland S. Philip (OH)
Alice and David Phillips (OH)
Julia Phillips, in memory of Spencer K. Phillips (NM)
Marjorie Phillips, in memory of Spencer K. Phillips (IL)
David Platt (VA)
Elisabeth Poliacoff, in memory of Mary A. Wong (NJ)
Cat Jagger Pollon, in loving memory of Luciano Pavarotti (CA)
Drew Popjoy (MD)
Vsevolod Popov, in memory of Natalia Shimanskaya (TX)
Ruth L. Post (MI)
Julie Potter, in memory of Ruthetta and Howard Connell (CT)
Lutz A. Prager (DC)
Richard N. Priest (MO)
Cheryn Purcell, in memory of my mother,  Louise P. Cox (FL)
Nancy Purdy, in memory of Dorothy Purdy (NJ)
Dr. William F. Railing (PA)
Stanley Ransom (IL)
Ann T. Reed (MO)
In memory of Charlotte P. Reed (FL)
Dennis Regan (MI)
Mrs. William R. Reid (WA)
Kathryn Reis (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Reiss (PA)
Samuel and Hiroko Yajima Rhodes (NJ)
Norma M. Ricci (MA)
Daniel Rice (NM)
Susan Richardson, in memory of Marion R. Bleyler (OH)
Virginia Ridder (NY)
G. T. Ringe (OR)
Dorothy Robbins (MA)
Susan Robertson, in memory of Jim Condon (MA)
Mara Robinson (NM)
Mrs. A. Roodenburg (NY)
Elizabeth Roosevelt, in memory of Elise A. Roosevelt (NY)
Professor and Mrs. Richard Rose (Scotland)
Helen W. Rosen (NY)
Sylvia M. Rosenberg, in memory of Abraham I. Rosenberg (NY)
Nancy Rosenblum (NY)
Marjorie Rosenthal (NY)
Elizabeth B. Ross (CA)
James Ross (CA)
Elsa Roth (IL)
Stephen and †Cynthia Rubin (NY)
Mary K. Rundell (IL)
Helga Rupnick, in memory of Louis M. Rupnick (NY)
Barbara Russell, in memory of Beatrice Gilblett (WA)
William Russell, in honor of Chris and Helen Gates (CT)
Mr. and Mrs. Reade H. Ryan, Jr. (NY)
Kay and Richard Ryder, M.D. and Steve Ryder, M.D. (FL)
Seymour M. Sabesin, MD, in memory of Hy Miller (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sack (NY)
Rosalind Sackoff, in memory of Helen Georgeou (NY)
Robert St. Onge and Richard Austin-Williams, in memory of Winnie Klotz and Paul Hutton (NM)
Maxine F. Salamon (FL)
John E. Sallstrom (GA)
Charlene Salzman, in honor of the marvelous weekly broadcasts (IL)
Norman Sampson, in honor of James Levine’s return (MI)
Mrs. T. B. Sanders (GA)
Dr. Richard Sarason, in honor of Anne Arenstein (OH)
Ed Sargent (TX)
Jack and Marianne Sauter, in memory of Arturo Toscanini (NY)
Jane P. Schaefer (FL)
Robert L. Scheer, MD, in memory of Lynne Scheer (NY)
Hans Schmidt (ME)
Nancy J. Schmidt (IN)
Mrs. John C. Schroeder (NE)
Helen Schultz, in memory of Oscar Romero (MA)
Jon L. Schumacher (NY)
Dominick Scigliano (CA)
Ronald Seeliger, in memory of Wilson D. Snodgrass (TX)
Eric Sellen (AZ)
Peter Serchuk (CA)
Donna C. Sheppard (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Shochet (IL)
Virgina Short (CA)
David Shukis (MA)
Edith D. Sillman (CT)
Corinne Silvert (CT)
Alan and Eleanor Singer (MI)
Lydia M. Skurski (IL)
Ms. Jacqueline Slater (NY)
Veronica Slobodian (Canada)
William Slusarchyk (NJ)
Edgar A. Smith (VA)
Jeanne Smith, in memory of Park B. Smith (SC)
Rheta R. Smith, in honor of Marilyn Stroh (PA)
Cathy Solomon (NJ)
Patricia Somers (England)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sorensen, in memory of Malcolm Andresen (MN)
Dr. Joyce Sparling (NC)
Garry Spector (NJ)
Renwick M. Spence, in memory of Rose Bampton (Canada)
Michael R. Spencer (AZ)
Mary Spollen (United Kingdom)
Edward Sprague (KY)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. John (NM)
Antoinette Stapper (MA)
Allan E. Starkey, in honor of Samuel Ady (MD)
Reed Steele (GA)
Heidi Steffen, in honor of Dmitri Hvorostovsky (NM)
Helen Stein (NY)
Stuart Stein, in honor of Sophie Stein (NY)
Dr. Murray R. Steinbart, in memory of Dr. Ella Peters (Canada)
Maxine B. Steinberg, in memory of Everett J. Steinberg (NY)
Albert W. Stewart (VA)
M. and G. Strauss, in memory of Beverly Sills and Jerry Hadley (NJ)
Daniel Strickler (NY)
Dean Strohmeyer, in memory of Henry A. and May M. Strohmeyer (DC)
Esperanza Suarez (CT)
Joan Susha, in memory of Bill Susha (NY)
Kathleen Susmann (NY)
George Svokos (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sweedler (NY)
Mrs. Douglas Swift (NM)
Walter M. Swoope, Jr., in honor of Elizabeth S. Sweetow (PA)
†Mr. and Ms. Charles Symington (SC)
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Tamkin (CA)
Charles Tarver (CA)
Betty K. Taska (MD)
Dr. Stephan Taub (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Tausend (WA)
John A. Terry (DC)
Dr. Andrew J. Thomas (MN)
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Thomas (VA)
Dr. Ian Thompson (WA)
Maggie Thompson (CA)
W. Reid Thompson (MD)
Maja-Lisa Thomson (Canada)
Sally K. Thomson (NY)
Evelyn G. Tielking (VA)
Janet Toshach (MA)
Robert E. Totels (NJ)
William Traylor, in honor of Joseph A. Wisniewski (NY)
Robert F. Tribuno (IA)
William C. Trier, M.D., in memory of William C. Trier, Jr. (WA)
Barbara J. Trimble (MD)
Marlys Trunkhill, in memory of Maria De Varady (WI)
James W. Tucker (WI)
Samuel A. Tucker (MD)
Helen A. Turner (NJ)
Dace Udris, in memory of Zane Udris (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Undeland (VA)
Faith Urban, in memory of Elizabeth Baker (NY)
Mary Utley, in memory of Mrs. Margaret Zack (IN)
Fred Van Loan (OH)
Rose Vanarsdel (TX)
Margaret VanHorn (NY)
Peter J. Vennewitz (OR)
Betty H. Vlack (CA)
Marietta Voglis, in memory of Peter Nickles (TX)
Harriet Wagman, in memory of Anne Gordon (NY)
James Wagner, in memory of Ada Ruth Wagner (OH)
K. C. Waldo (NC)
Linda Walker (MI)
Catherine Wark (Canada)
Carol Warshawsky (NY)
Mary R. Watson, in memory of Mrs. Mary P. Reynolds (NY)
Thomas Watson, in memory of Lois W. Watson (ME)
James S. Weaver, Jr., in memory of Margaret C. Weaver (FL)
Charles Webster (MA)
Larry A. Wehr (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weinberg (NY)
Jack Weinstein M.D., in memory of Moses A. Weinstein (NJ)
Emalee S. Weisman (OH)
Professor Charles M. Weiss, in memory of Shirley F. Weiss (NC)
Otis Werner, in memory of Lauritz Melchior (IL)
Cynthia S. Westerman (NY)
Mrs. Arthur Wexler (DC)
Ruth Wheat (NY)
Robert W. White (NJ)
Nadine Whiton (MD)
Charles Whittemore (CT)
Ellen M. Widiss (IA)
Walter J. Wiechetek, MD (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Wiedemann (TX)
Elizabeth P. Wilburn, in memory of William C. Wilburn, Jr. (MD)
Terry Wilkinson (Canada)
Mary Williams (OH)
Andrée Désirée Wilson, in memory of my mother Blanche Irene Orsini (MA)
In memory of Mrs. Dorothy Lee Welton (TX)
Steven Winkel and Barbara Sahm, in memory of Shirley Winston Slater (CA)
Claudia Winkler (IL)
Eva Wolff (FL)
J. R. Wood, Jr. (TX)
Dorothy Wortman, in memory of Beverly Sills (NM)
Helen Yaker, in memory of Charles Yaker (MA)
Dolores Yankauskas (OH)
Albert L. Yarashus (DC)
George Yonemura (NY)
Lettie W. Young (CA)
Dr. Paul M. Young (OK)
Stanley Young, Jr. (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zimmerman (NY)
George Zonov (WA)
ZPR Family Foundation (NJ)
A. C. Zucchi (CA)
Anne M. Zweibel (OH)
6 Anonymous Donors

$500 and above:

Jane H. Abbott (GA)
In honor of Connie Abrams and Ann Verber, from your Friends on the Rules Committee (PA)
Ann Acker (IL)
George R. Adams (WI)
Dolores C. Alcaide (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Allan (Canada)
Ms. A. L. Alexander (IL)
Robert J. Alexander (MA)
Gerald P. Alldredge (NM)
Mrs. Jerome Alpern (NY)
Judith Altreuter (NY)
Daniel Ames, in honor of Gertrude Ames (VA)
Ellen Anderson (VA)
In memory of Dorothy Andrews (NY)
In memory of Richard Trail Andrews (NM)
Ann C. Angus (BC)
Jean M. Arakawa (Brazil)
Cynthia Archer, in honor of Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
Steve Armstrong and Carol Kriekard (IL)
Jean W. Ashton (NY)
Mrs. John S. Athens (OK)
Elizabeth P. Atkins (MA)
Edward H. Auchincloss (NY)
Ann Aviles (NY)
Muriel E. Ayres (NJ)
Susan M. Babb (WI)
Barbara Backstrand, in memory of Ida and Elliot Levy (OR)
Mrs. John Bagby (FL)
Elizabeth A. Bair (GA)
Bonnie Baker (OH)
Robert Baldwin (IL)
Donnell A. Ballard, in honor of Anna Moffo (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ballou (ME)
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Bamber (PA)
Michael Bamberger (NY)
Cecile Banks (AZ)
Donald P. Barker, MD (MA)
Alice Barkhausen, in memory of Mrs. Ernest Tyler (IL)
Eileen R. Barnes (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. D. Barry, III (CA)
Joseph Bartush (CA)
Betty Basham (CA)
Jean A. Bastian (MI)
Carolyn Batt, in memory of Helen B. Conn (OH)
Harold Bauer (IL)
Linda Baumgarten, in memory of Lillian Baumgarten (NY)
Mrs. Robert Baur (PA)
Walter Bayer II (Anguilla)
Mrs. John Bearden (CO)
Carl H. Becker (TX)
Herman Becker-Fluegel (NY)
Henry Belber (MA)
Jude Bell (MI)
Mary T. Benson (LA)
Ruth and Carl S. Benson (AK)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bercoon (IL)
Marcela Berg (TX)
Donald H. Bergmann, in memory of Florence Bergmann (MO)
Eva Bernhardt (IN)
Joshua Berrett (NY)
Barbara Berthelsen (NY)
Charles R. Bertsch (AZ)
Dr. William Beyers (WA)
Dr. Jane Biers (MO)
Mr. D. Bird and Mr. D. Young (CA)
William T. Birge (MI)
Morris Birnbaum and Barbara Reville (PA)
Margaret Bisberg, in memory of John Leighton Bisberg (IL)
Donna Blacker (CA)
Elizabeth S. Blake (MA)
Donn Block (DC)
Helen Bogner (CA)
William R. Boling (FL)
Vera Bondy (Canada)
Binka Bone (TN)
Grayce M. Booth (AZ)
Kenneth Bordwell, in honor of Lynne Curtiss (OH)
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bossler (NY)
Robert Boublitz (MD)
Edith S. Bouriez (NY)
K. George Bournazian (MA)
Wendy Bradburn (VA)
Dr. Lois Brainard, in honor of Laura Frankel (CA)
Francis Brandt (CA)
Don Brasher (MO)
Eric Brauer (NY)
Edward V. Breeden III (NC)
Jane Bridges (NY)
Charles B. Brill (PA)
Harry Brodie, in honor of William Wallace Brodie (MD)
Dorothy C. Brown, in memory of Maurine Wilson (TX)
Harold Brown (IA)
Jane Brown (WA)
Kathryn Brown (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Buckles (CA)
David Budescu (NY)
Janet L. Buecker (MA)
Lawrence Bullen (MI)
A. Scott Bullitt (FL)
Mrs. John Bulman (NM)
Ms. E. Bulson and Ms. C. Bulson (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Boyd Burris, in memory of Beverly Sills (MD)
Patricia Byrne, in memory of Ethel Hain Byrne (AL)
Mrs. John E. Cahill (CA)
John C. Caldwell (OR)
Hope Caldwell-Foster (GA)
Dr. Richard and Annette Caleel, in memory of Maria Caleel (IL)
Marianne Callahan (VA)
Dr. Tom Callihan (TN)
John Calman (CA)
Father Roland Calvert (MI)
Herbert Camp, Jr. (CT)
Dr. R. J. Carabasi (TX)
Angela Carlson (OR)
Alma Carlton (MD)
Sis Carr (TX)
Alice L. Cary, in memory of Helen L. Cary (PA)
Thomas B. Catron III, in memory of Stephen Ellis Catron (NM)
Doreen T. Chan (CA)
Mrs. W. E. Chapman (IL)
Louise Chezzi, in memory of Beatrice Doyle (ON)
J. Chiquoine (ME)
Lola Chlupsa (NY)
Arthur Chrisenberry, in memory of William Parcher Harrison (KS)
Kiu-On Chu (CA)
Eloise-Marie Clark, in memory of Marie Mountain Clark (MN)
Judith Clark (NY)
Marsha S. Clark, in memory of Bunny and Susan (NY)
Winifred J. Clark (NY)
Dr. Mary E. Clutter (DC)
Janet G. Clyne, in memory of Barbara Turner (CA)
Dr. Penelope W. Coates (CA)
James F. Coffey (OH)
Elizabeth Cole (ME)
Jac Cole (OH)
Whiteford R. Cole (MA)
Millie Coleman (DC)
Joan D. Collins (MA)
Bruce R. Connelly (MA)
Maude Conrad (WA)
Peter Conrad (NY)
Frances Cook (DC)
Jane Cook (AZ)
F.H. Boyd Coons (GA)
Bettie M. Cooper (VA)
Joan E. Corbett, in memory of Isabelle van Nort (VA)
Gonzalo Cordova (PR)
Joan Cornblath, in memory of Dr. Marvin Cornblath (MD)
Ruth Miller Cox, in honor of Jennifer C. Cox (PA)
James Craig (PA)
Douglas Cramer (NY)
Hall Crannell (MD)
Dr. Robert Croan, in memory of Sylvia and Sydney Croan (PA)
Victoria Anne Cundiff (NY)
Valerie Curriden (CA)
Richard A. Currie, in memory of Ruth W. Yarnun (NY)
Chloe Curtis-Cherkassky, in memory of Paul Cherkassky (NH)
June Curtis (CA)
Nancy Curtis (MA)
Andrew H. D’Anneo (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Jan Dash (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis (PA)
Barbara DeBoer (PA)
Ms. J. L. Dees (CO)
Virginia Del Sordo, in memory of Franco Corelli (NJ)
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dellinger (VA)
Dieter Dellmann (IA)
Charles P. Demakes, in memory of James P. Demakes (MA)
Sachiko de Rothermann (NY)
Margaret DeSerio, in memory of Ellen R. Conley (IL)
Claire M. Detlefs, in memory of Nancy Ansley (KY)
Patricia Devereux (CO)
Mr. and Mrs. David R. DeVoe (PA)
Kevin Dew (GA)
Anita DiGiulio (NJ)
Marjorie Dillinger (TX)
Arline Diskin (AZ)
Jere Dodd, Jr. (GA)
Mr. T. G. Dodenhoff (AZ)
Karen B. Domino (WA)
George W. Dormody, Jr. (IL)
John Douw (NY)
Joan Drees (CA)
Elizabeth Drennen (CO)
Betty Lou Dubois (NM)
James S. Dudley (Scotland)
W. Wallace Duff (FL)
Dr. John L. Dunn (VT)
Katheleen Durdin (FL)
Laverne Eagleson (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Eckstein (AZ)
John M. Eddins (GA)
Anne H. Edwards (United Kingdom)
Frances M. Edwards, in memory of Frances N. McGaughy (TN)
Linda Edwards (NY)
William Eisen (PA)
Lawrence Eisenberg, in memory of Maurice Brenner (NY)
Stuart Eisenberg, M.D. (NJ)
†Clifford M. Elkin, in memory of Harry B. Rowan (Scotland)
Thyra Elliott (CT)
William P. Ellis (MD)
Phoebe Ellsworth (CA)
Hans Engelke (MI)
Ernestine Enomoto (HI)
David J. Erikson, Jr., M.D. (CA)
Shirley Erlitz (NY)
Jean Evoy (FL)
Amy C. Ewing (CT)
Mr. and Mrs. Burt Fainman (IL)
Jane G. Falk (NY)
Julie E. Fallowfield (England)
Adele Fasick (CA)
Dr. Daniel D. Federman (MA)
James Feeley (MA)
Mrs. Norman G. Fellows (CT)
Grace C. Ferrill, in memory of Beverly Sills (DC)
Renee Fink (FL)
Alison Finnemore (QC)
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Firestone (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Fisher (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Don Fisher, in honor of Marion Fisher (OR)
William F. Fisher (MI)
Betty Fitzgerald, in memory of Ed Greene (PA)
Roberta Fitzgerald, in memory of Leah Damon Fitzgerald (NY)
Jean Fitzpatrick (NY)
Margaret L. Fleagle, in honor of Beverly Sills (TX)
Florence Fletcher (NY)
Ann Flowerree, in memory of Nancy McMorris (OR)
Robert Follett (CO)
Albert Fortinsky (NY)
Annabel Foulston (United Kingdom)
Janet Fox (PA)
Neva Rae Fox (NJ)
Frederick T. Francis III (NY)
Ernest Frankenberg (WA)
Eleanor Franks (NY)
†Joanna Frawley, in honor of Val Fishel (OR)
Marvin Freedland (CA)
Allen B. Freitag (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Freund (VA)
Nathaniel J. Friedman (CA)
James H. Fritzsche (CA)
Douglas Frobese (TX)
Evie Frost (MA)
Cary Frumess (NY)
Mr. Charles Fugo (SC)
Phillip Fuselier (LA)
Douglas Futuyma (NY)
Issac Garb (PA)
Jennie S. Garrison, in memory of Dottie Stevens (CA)
Anne Marie Gary (GA)
Michael Gaudet (AB)
Jean M. Geissler (NY)
Dr. James W. Gell (MI)
Gladys Gendel (NY)
Mary Genz (WI)
Dr. Melvin D. George (MO)
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gerstein (NY)
Janet E. Gertz (NY)
Joseph V. Giacalone (NY)
Dr. Mary W. Gibbons (MA)
†Mr. and Mrs. Maxfield S. Gibbons (CT)
Lucia and John Gilbert, PhD (CA)
Dr. William Gilbertson (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Giles (NY)
Ms. Patricia Gillis (AZ)
Joan Gilroy (Canada)
Bertille Glass, in honor of Jacqueline B. Mars (NJ)
Fred A. Glienna (CA)
Lou Gody (IL)
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gold (MD)
Lynn C. Goldberg (NY)
Stuart Goldsmith, in memory of Ann G. Goldsmith (NY)
Beverley R. Gooch (TN)
Lawrence Gordon (IL)
Robert Gorman (NY)
Heidi Gottman, in memory of F. Henry M. Nestler (WI)
Joan Gould (NY)
Suzanne Gouvernet (NY)
Ms. Y. Gradi and Mr. P. Hass (NM)
Leatrice Granitto (MA)
Ann Gray, in memory of David A. Gray (VA)
Estelle B. Greco, in memory of Salvatore F. Greco (NY)
Barbara J. Greenberg (NY)
Emily Greenberg (NY)
James E. Greenslade, in honor of Marilyn Greenslade (CA)
Ms. A. Greer and Mr. M. Murphy (PA)
Cecelia Gregory (NJ)
Traute Grether, in memory of Tobias Grether (CA)
Laurie A. Griffith (WA)
Donald Grossman (IL)
In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Groten (PA)
Jeffrey Grotte (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. John Gruninger (MA)
Mary L. Guertler (NY)
Don Haefner (MI)
June Hajjar (VA)
Karen L. Hakala (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hall (MI)
Mark Halperin (NY)
Pamalee Hamilton, in memory of Bradley Hamilton (CA)
Marie A. Hamly, in memory of Charles D. Hamly (FL)
Louis Hammack (IL)
John Hanel (DE)
Mrs. Gordon Hanes (NC)
Helen Hanna (QC)
Bennet S. Harber (NY)
Logan Hardison (CA)
Brigitte A. Hardtmann, in memory of Goetz Hardtmann (VA)
Christine Hardy, in memory of Bret Tilson (CA)
William Harmon, Jr. (CA)
John Harrison, in honor of Walter Princic (CO)
Stephen C. Harrison (MA)
John Haskell (NY)
Eugene Hastings (MA)
Mrs. Robin Hatch (OH)
Patricia and Tom Hearron (NC)
Dan Heartz (CA)
Fredericka Heinze, in memory of Dr. William Hadfield and Lois Kunkel (PA)
Rosalie Heller (NM)
Walter Hempfling (VA)
E. O. Henneman (VA)
Mrs. Shirley A. Herron (CA)
Judith Herz (Canada)
Dr. Agnes M. Herzberg (Canada)
Enid S. Hexter (OH)
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Heyman (CA)
Walter I. Heyman (CA)
Diana Higgins, in memory of Carolyn Hawes (IL)
Dorothy Hill (FL)
Alan R. Hinman (GA)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hobbs, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thieblot (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Hodges (WA)
Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Hoff (NC)
Beth Hoger (MI)
Janice Hohenstein (NY)
Roy A. Holliday, M.D. and Laurence Smith (NY)
Dale B. Holmes, Jr. (GA)
A. John Holstead (IA)
Anton Von Hombracht (BC)
Janice Horak (IA)
Sally Horntvedt (GA)
John and Teri Horvath, in memory of Seymour Goldberg (MD)
Donald Hoskins (PA)
Wes and Joanna Hoskins (OR)
Michael House (VA)
S. S. Houston (MT)
Branda Hu (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Huber (HI)
Margaret Hudson (TN)
Margaret O. Hughes (AL)
Benjamin Hughey, in honor of Mrs. Deborah Levine (SC)
Marcia J. Hunkins (MA)
Alice Huppert (NY)
Charles W. Husbands, in honor of Robert S. Rosengard (MA)
Barbara A. Hynes (ON)
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Jacobi (WI)
Katherine Jacobs (CA)
Linda James (WA)
Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Janus (IA)
Rebecca Jarabak (IL)
Sidney Jeffers (VA)
Ralph P. Jensen (AR)
Mrs. Richard Jessup, in memory of Ruth Jessup (MI)
Robert Jobe, in honor of Robert Giesberg (TX)
Stefan Johansson (Sweden)
Bettie S. Johnson (MO)
Frederick D. Johnson, Jr., in memory of Edward Johnson (CA)
Mary Johnson (CA)
Marjorie A. Jonas (NY)
Bryan H. Jones (TX)
Lorin Jones, in memory of Fred R. Ehnes (IN)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones (NY)
Glen Jordan (CA)
Irene and Jacob Judd, in memory of Mary Bryce-Jennings (NY)
Just Give (CA)
James L. Justice (CA)
Stuart M. Kaback (NJ)
Sherwin Kaplan (VA)
Jerold Kappes (NY)
Paula S. Kassell (NJ)
M. R. Brian Kates (NY)
Gabrielle Katona (NY)
Jean Ellen Kaufman, in memory of Elsie S. Silverman (NJ)
Abigail Kazanowski (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl A. Kearns (OH)
John Keim (NJ)
Mrs. Robert Keliher (Canada)
Margaret A. Keller (PA)
Robert B. Keller, M.D. (ME)
Drs. Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner (NC)
Raymond O’S. Kelly (NV)
Robert and Mary Kelman (CO)
Stuart Kessler (NY)
Janet Ketcham (WA)
Marilynn T. Keys (AR)
Norbert Kidd (MI)
Robert H. Kieft (CA)
Annelore Kiene, in honor of Plácido Domingo (Germany)
Paul and Katherine Killoran (ME)
Elizabeth Kimball (CA)
Jay F. Kimball (MD)
Morihiro Kinoshita (Japan)
Paul Kirch (PA)
Grace M. Kirchner (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Kirschbaum (VA)
Karen Kleeman (NM)
Dr. Flora Klein (NJ)
Hanna Klein (NY)
Mary Kneip (CA)
Anne Knoll (NJ)
Myrta B. Knox, in memory of Anna Kaskas (NY)
Eleanor L. Kohler (WI)
Elaine Kones (NY)
Edward J. Kormondy (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kornblatt (Canada)
Judith Kostman (NY)
Gabriele Kouros (Germany)
Mercedes Kratz (FL)
Thomas Kraus (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kreith (CO)
Peter Kroll (NY)
Dr. Mary Louise Krumrine (PA)
Dr. Robert B. Kugel (VA)
Barbara W. Kummel, in memory of Ada L. Wiener (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kurz (MO)
Lionel Lackey, in memory of Doris S. Lackey (SC)
Helen Laird (NJ)
Peter F. Lake (TX)
Phyllis B. Lambert (Canada)
Dr. Barbara Lambl (MA)
Anthony and Cynthia Lamport (NY)
Peter Lance (AZ)
Blanche Lang (QC)
Mary Lansing, in memory of Mrs. John DeWitt Peltz (CT)
Ellen Lask, in memory of Thomas and Shirley Lask (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Laufer (MD)
Elizabeth M. Lavender, in memory of Beverly Sills (MB)
Gene Lavergne (TX)
John W. Layman (MD)
David Leach (NY)
Barbara Leaf, in honor of Alexander Leaf (MA)
Jon Lederer (MD)
Kazuko Lee (NJ)
Harvey I. Leifert, in memory of Milton Cross (MD)
Susan M. Leland, in honor of Phyllis B. and Edmund R. Davis (MA)
Suzanne Lemakis, in memory of Frederick O. Wright (NY)
Emily Lemer (NY)
Patrick Lenaghan (NJ)
Kristan Lenning, in honor of Lucile and Gene Romig (KY)
Christiana M. Leonard (FL)
L. Christine Lester (CA)
Thomas J. Lester, M.D. (NY)
In honor of Maestro James Levine (OH)
Paul J. Levine (PA)
Richard Levine (NJ)
Ruth Levine (PA)
Florence Levy (OR)
Trudy B. Levy (VA)
Gerald F. Lewis (CT)
Liberty Hall (NY)
Doreen Lidgate (WA)
Janet K. Liebeskind (MA)
Joanne Lincoln, in memory of Willis L. Bolton (GA)
Marilyn S. Linden (NJ)
Estate of Carol V. Lindenmeyer (WA)
Richard Lindstrom (MD)
Kathleen B. Lipkins (NY)
Alvin Lippmann (NY)
Doris Littell (TX)
Richard A. Livingston, in memory of Beverly Sills (IN)
Dr. John A. Lochead (ON)
Helen Lodge, in memory of Beverly Sills (WI)
Joan C. Long, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Pforzheimer (NY)
Kay Long (MI)
Vera Long (CA)
Janet A. Loranger (CA)
Anne Marie Lundquist (MD)
James Lynskey (CA)
Dolores J. Lyons (OR)
John H. Lyons (MA)


Charles MacKay, in honor of Mary Susan MacKay (NM)
Charles S. Maier (MA)
Helen Manfull (PA)
Alice Martinson (CA)
Alline Matheson (NY)
Lisa Mayer (MA)
John P. MacKenzie (NY)
Dr. Maurice Mahoney (CT)
Billie Manring, in memory of Renata Tebaldi (WA)
Howard Mardell (IL)
Nancy A. Marks (NY)
Dr. C. Paul Martin (MN)
Constance Lev Martin, in honor of her grandchildren (FL)
Frances Martin, in memory of Wesley M. Martin (GA)
Carol Mastrosati (PA)
Susan M. Mathewson (MA)
Milo C. Matthews (CA)
Mrs. Felicia S. May (AZ)
John McGurire (NY)
Claire McCarty (NY)
Dorothy M. J. McCaw (TN)
Emily McClintock (MA)
Mr. William McCracken (CO)
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher McDonald (NC)
Peggy Weber McDowell (GA)
Etta McEwan (ON)
Helen McGillivray (Canada)
William D. McIntosh (MO)
Samuel McSeveney (TN)
Jason McVicker, in memory of Regine Crespin (IL)
Lorraine J. Meeker, in memory of Mary Patsuris (NY)
Manfred W. and Judith Meisels (NY)
Shelley and †Oliver Mendell (NY)
Martha S. Mero, in honor of Ms. Nancy Olson (WV)
Cecile Mertens (CA)
Albert Merz (ON)
James B. Meyers (CA)
Judith Meyers (NJ)
William Michaluk (MI)
Lea B. Michels (CA)
Deborah Miller, in honor of Walter Miller, Jr. (CA)
Ina Miller (NM)
Stephanie Miller (MD)
Bernice Millman, in memory of Benjamin Potoker (NY)
Donald and Gwen Moffat (NY)
Laura V. Monti, in memory of Alicia Monti (Argentina)
Betty J. Moore, in honor of Betty and Carl Moore (MI)
Myriam E. Moore (VA)
Joan M. Moran (PA)
Leslie B. Morris (GA)
Carlos D. Moseley (SC)
Dr. Richard Moskowitz (NJ)
James Mosora (VA)
Nancy B. Mott (CT)
Bernd Mueller (MI)
Glenn C. Muhr, in memory of Gerda Muhr (MI)
Dr. Janet E. Mules (WA)
Edwin F. Mulligan (OH)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Murphy (VA)
John R. Murphy (NJ)
Dr. Sam Nagel (MI)
Sonia Nahmod (IL)
Stephanie and Michael Naidoff,in honor of Connie Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
Mitzi Natsios, in memory of Nicholas Andrew Natsios (VA)
Margaret Neibling (MN)
Clifford Neilson (VA)
Anna Nelson, in memory of Maurice Kasten (DC)
Laurie E. Nelson (CA)
Dr. Nancy J. Nersessian (GA)
Mary Nevius, in memory of Mary Ellis Peltz (CT)
Melanie Newbill (MO)
Dr. Anthony D. Nicastri (NY)
Dr. Wallace Nolin, in memory of Kathleen Nolin (OH)
Robert J. Nolte (CT)
Thomas Norris, Jr. (NC)
Marc Nowakowski, in memory of Jennie Nowakowski (MI)
Eileen Nowikowski (MI)
Carol Obermann (WV)
F. X. O’Brien (Ireland)
Kathleen O’Brien (IL)
Mrs. Merry T. O’Donnell (FL)
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Odrich, in honor of Dr. Gino Farone (NY)
Patricia C. O’Grady (NY)
Jennie Olender, in memory of Francis B. Olender (NJ)
Lyn R. Oliensis (NY)
Barry O’Neal, in memory of Ruth Barry O’Neal (NY)
Opera lovers in Michigan (MI)
Arnold Ostebee (MN)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ostrow (NY)
Steven Ostrow, in memory of Dr. Stanley J. Ostrow (NY)
Marilyn Ott (OH)
Edith H. Overly (NC)
Jean Owens (NY)
Mildred and Joseph Paden (NJ)
Terri Padgett (TX)
Gloria J. Palmer (MN)
Beverly Panken (NY)
Eugene A. Papay (NJ)
Joan Pape (Canada)
Jonathan Parker (MD)
Lee R. Parks (NJ)
Maria Luisa Marin Parra (Spain)
Dr. G. F. Paskusz (CA)
Dr. James L. Patterson, Jr. (MT)
Roger Pattison (United Kingdom)
Rodney and Sarah Paul (CA)
Joan Pauley, in memory of Glenn G. Pauley (IN)
Gregory R. Pease (DC)
John H. Percy, in memory of Beverly Sills (MO)
Elisabeth T. Peterson, in memory of Henry Barton Thomas (MA)
Frances Peterson (MD)
Dr. John H. Peterson (NY)
Mary Petrelli, in memory of Nikolas (OH)
G. Davis Philip (NY)
Ellis L. Phillips III (MA)
Jocelyn D. Phillips, in memory of Daniel J. Phillips (WA)
Walter A. Pickhardt (MN)
Jeff Pier (VA)
Theodore Pincus (CT) 
Claire Pipolo (NY)
Elise Piquet, in memory of Christopher Doll (CT)
Lia and William Poorvu (MA)
F. H. Prem, Jr. (CT)
Noella Presseau (Canada)
Dorothy M. Prey, in memory of David James Taylor (CA)
H. Priest (CA)
Virginia Pringle (WA)
Sandra Pierson Prior (NY)
Rene Prochelle (NY)
Neva Pruess (NE)
Benjamin H. Pubols, Jr. (OR)
Patrick E. Purcell (PA)
David M. Purdy, in honor of Ryan J. Howes (ME)
Michael J. Quinette, in memory of William Bohn (CA)
Muriel Quintin, in memory of Gertrude Quintin (Canada)
Salvatore Rabbio, in memory of Frank and Eufemia Rabbio (MA)
Margaret W. Rase (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ratliff (NC)
Arthur M. Reed (MD)
Claire Reed (NY)
Bill Reily (TX)
Frank J. Reis (MA)
Rosetta Reusch (MI)
Barbara J. Rintala (OH)
Richard Robblee (WA)
Kenneth Roberts, Jr. (VT)
Richard S. Robinson (TX)
Marjorie Rock (NY)
Marilyn L Roesler (FL)
Harriet Rogers, in memory of Helen Rattet Adams (DC)
†Jeannette S. Rohatyn (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Roloff (IL)
John Rolston (AK)
Elizabeth Ronis (NY)
Polly Rose (NM)
Buena Rosenbloom (NJ)
Kathie Ross (IL)
June Haigh Ross, in memory of Elmer Haigh, Sr. and Robert H. Ross (NY)
Cynthia B. Rossi (SC)
Maxine Rosston (CA)
In memory of Harriette Roth (NJ)
Marguerite Roth, in memory of Joseph A. Goossens (CA)
Eckhard Rothe (Canada)
Dan Rothermel, in memory of Lester Englander (PA)
Saul Rothman (MD)
Janet Rowley (IL)
David Rudo (WA)
Jon Rupp and Bill Hoover (NY)
Susan Rust (OR)
Dr. Wilbur Rust, in memory of William Mark Rust (FL)
Susan J. Ruttenber (NJ)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Ruttum (WI)
In honor of the Shack Sackler Family (CT)
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Salata (NY)
Joseph Saldarini (NJ)
Suzanne S. Salomon (CT)
Lynn Salvador (TX)
David A Sanchez (NM)
Brian Sands (LA)
Faye Savage, in memory of Edward F. Savage (CA)
Jane P. Schaefer (FL)
Franklin Scharmer (CT)
M. Schick and K. Hanson (WA)
Dorothy Schimel (NY)
Dr. William Schlansky (NY)
Alfred Schlosser (NY)
Teresa Schofield, in memory of Anna Dion (OH)
Harold Schrom (FL) 
David Schulson Autographs (NJ)
Janet R. Schultz (OH)
David I. Schuster (NY)
David S. Schwartz (NY)
Sandra Schwartz, in memory of Harold F. Travin (CT)
William H. Seewald, in memory of Katherine Seewald (TX)
Ann Seidler (NY)
Richard M. Seltzer (NY)
Doris Sevier (MD)
Marilyn Shapiro (NY)
David Shayne (IL)
Timothy Shepard (NY)
Nancy K. Shephard (IN)
Linda B. Sher (CA)
Dorothy Sherburne, in memory of Frank C. Sherburne, Jr. (MI)
Dan Sherman (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Sherman (NY)
Rebecca Sheuerman (CA)
Dr. Edward Shipwright (HI)
Karen Shirer (CT)
Patricia Thompson and Alex Short, in memory of Graves H. Thompson (MD)
Marilyn Siebold (DE)
Deborah A. Siegele, in memory of Vyrn McMullen and Patricia A. Boehm (TX)
Siegfried (UT)
Robert V. Sillars (MA)
Roch Simard (QC)
Carole M. Simon (MO)
Dean Simonton (CA)
Roberta Singer (IL)
John Singler (NY)
Diane B. Sisson, in memory of Donald M. Beckwith (MA)
Doris Skalstad (MN)
Charles and Norma Slifer (GA)
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. G. Smit (CA)
Mrs. Charles L. Smith (OH)
Clay R. Smith, Jr. (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith (WA)
James L. Smith (NM) 
James L. Smith (PA)
Josephine Smith (PA)
Richard T. Smith, in memory of Dorothy D. Smith (SC)
Sarah E. Smith, in memory of Donald K. Smith (FL)
Sharon Smith (NY)
John Snyder (NY)
David Sogg and Lisa Parker (PA)
Barbara Sokol, in honor of James de Blasis (OH)
Carl A. Sokoll (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sollman (OR)
Christine Sorenson, in memory of Mrs. David M. Young (MA)
Ethel Soto (LA)
Ingeborg Souther (CA)
Dr. Marshall Sparberg (IL)
Irwin Spiegel (CA)
Ellen Sporn, in memory of Max and Elsie Schoengold (NY)
Grace M. Spruch (NY)
David Stahl (NH)
Nancy and Arthur Stampleman (NY)
Daniel Starr (NY)
Virginia Starr (PA)
Kathleen Starrett (OK)
Mildred Stauffer (CA)
Karen Steare (PA)
Mrs. Frederick A. Stebbins (MA)
Sherman and Hannah Stein, in memory of Rose and Jesse Dunitz (CA)
John Q. Stilwell, JD, PhD (TX)
Betty-Jane Stoeckle, in honor of Dr. Tohshin Go (PA)
Katherine Strakes (MD)
Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Strauch (VA)
N. L. Sturgeon (NY)
Gerald Sufrin, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sufrin (NY)
Barbara A. Sullivan (MA)
Beverly Sullivan (MA)
Gary R. Sunden (NY)
Barbara B. Supplee (PA)
Herbert T. Suyematsu (CA)
David Svoboda (CA)
Maureen P. Swanson (WA)
Julie Swartz, in honor of Louise Vescova (CA)
Edith Tannenbaum (CA)
James L. Tarr, in memory of Bonnie C. Tarr (MI)
Margrith T. Tatarko (CT)
Evelyn Tate (MA)
Gregory Taylor (CA)
Dr. William Thierfelder, in memory of Marie Stieve (NY)
William A. Thorndike (MA)
Dr. Cherilyn Tillman (Australia)
Manley Tobey, Jr., in memory of Mary E. Richards Tobey (VA)
Dr. A. G. Tolley (NC)
Albertha S. Toppins, in memory of Isabelle R. Toppins (NY)
Grace Torbohn (CA)
Marylin Tracy, in memory of Ruth and J. Joseph Noble (NY)
Mrs. Albert Trager (GA)
Martha J. Trammell (TN)
Deborah Trumbull, in memory of Dora B. Trumbull (NY)
Alice Tucker, in memory of Jack Alfred Estes (OR)
Joseph Turek (MI)
Judy Turner (WI)
Nancy R. Turner (NY)
Betty Twarog (ME)
June Twinam (CO)
Anita Tyra (CA)
Vivian E. Uttermann (MD)
Jean Vallier (NY)
Jane Vanbuskirk (CO)
Tibor Varnay (Australia)
Mrs. Alfred Vecchione (MD)
John Verga (NY)
Lois H. Waddington, in memory of Richard Waddington (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Wagner (OH)
John Walker (CA)
Nancy S. Walker (TN)
Alice D. Wallace (CO)
Cynthia W. Wallace (PA)
Elinor Wallace (FL)
Hoyt Wallace (MO)
Mary Walling (NY)
William Walther (ON)
Salome Walton (MI)
Catherine Wark (Canada)
Thomas Warlick (NC)
William Waterhouse (PA)
Frances Watson, in memory of Christian M. O’Neal (DC)
Theron P. Watson (NC)
Joseph Weber (MA)
Jan R. Wechsler, in honor of Ann Kneisel and in memory of Elizabeth Altman (PA)
Helga Weinstein (TX)
Dr. Gerald Weintraub (MI)
Dr. George H. Weiss (PA)
Katherine B. Weissman (NY)
William R. Weissman (VA)
Shirley M. Wersinger (NY)
Ruth and Pierre Wessel, in honor of Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
David A. West (VA)
Howard S. White (IL)
Helen Nakajo and Andrew Whitelaw, in honor of Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (CA)
Metza Whiteley, in honor of Nedda Casei (PA)
Joan Wigg, in memory of John T. Wigg (NY)
Wayne Wild (MA)
Alfred Wilke and Mrs. Helen Wilke (CT)
Ellen C. Williams, in memory of Ellen U. Williams (MD)
Evan Williams (AL)
Robert Williams, Jr. (FL)
Thomas P. Williams (CO)
Caroline R. Willms (PA)
Lucius Wilmerding III (CT)
Margaret Wilson (CT)
Michele A. Wilson (CA)
Nancy M. Wilson, in memory of Stuart S. Wilson (PA)
Patricia S. Winer, in memory of Maria Cook (CT)
Helen Winslow (RI)
Caroline Winter (LA)
Glady Winter (IA)
Edgar W. Woerner (NJ)
Bruce Wolf (NJ)
Charlotte Wolfe (MI)
Eva Wolff (FL)
Jean Wolman (NY)
Craig A. Woltze (OR)
William E. Wood, in memory of Ellery Channing Wood (CT) 
Patricia and John Worden (MA)
Raymond Worley (MD)
Krenio Wright, in memory of David G. Wright (IA)
Thomas G. Wyman (MD)
Joseph Yannotti (NJ)
June Yatsunoff, in memory of Joan Gima (HI)
Joan Yood, in memory of Joan Sutherland (MA)
C. R. Young (MD)
Lura Young (DC)
Robert Youngblood (VA)
Eric Zafran, in memory of Ben Meiselman (CT)
Robert Zarbock (CA)
Gloria Zeche (NY)
Maxine Zinder (NY)
Michael Zirkle (VA)
Dorothy Zografi (WI)
13 Anonymous


$300 and above:


Janet Abels (NY)
Dr. Alice Adams (MD)
Richard M. Adler (LA)
Charleen Aina (HI)
C. J. S. Allan (VT)
Elaine Allen (MO)
David H. Alpers (MO)
Paul Alpers (MA)
Marylene Altieri, in memory of Ralph C. Altieri (MA)
Philip Ammirato (NY)
Dorothy Anderson (MO)
Roland Anderson (AR)
Carolyn Anthony (NY)
Dorothy Arata, in memory of Edward B. Orio (TN)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arbuthnot (OR)
Doralys Arias (FL)
Rita Aronson Lehr (MD)
Eugene Aronson (NM)
Janice J. Arrott (NM)
Mr. and Mrs. John Arthur (OR)
John Attebery (WA)
Bob Aubrecht (NM)
Mary Aufderheide (MN)
Felice Aull (NY)
Gennaro Avolio (OR)
Maris Avots (WA)
Roberta Axelson (ME)
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Baechle (NY)
Dr. J. H. Baker (FL)
Sondra K. Baker (MN)
Larry Balboni (ME)
Dr. Ira M. Barash (FL)
Barbara Barda (CA)
Henry B. Barkley (VA)
J. Michael Barone, in memory of Michael J. Barone (MN)
Mary Bartley (NY)
Evangeline Battertone (MD)
Joseph Bauer, in memory of Lizzy Rapp-Bauer (DC)
Robert Baum and M. Kretz (IL)
Mrs. John Bauman (MO)
Barbara Baur (PA)
Ann Palmer Bayliss, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore DeCue Palmer (NC)
Joel Beam (MI)
Sharon Beck (PA)
Caroline G. Beckjord (ME)
Louise Bedichek (DC)
George T. Beech (MI)
Nan Beer (NY)
Christo Bekiaris (CA)
Regina Belli (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bender (MD)
Clyde A. Bennett (NY)
Richard L. Benson (NY)
Christine Bentley (IN)
Eleanor Bergmann (CA)
Daniel Berk (FL)
Gisha L. Berkowitz (PA)
Joan Berne (DC)
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Betsh (PA)
Mary Bigelow, in memory of Theodora Detweiler (PA)
Gordon Binder (DC)
John Bissonnette (OR)
Madge M. Blakey (CA)
Barbara G. Blancke (CA)
Lenora Blauman, in memory of my mother, Sylvia Winograd (WA)
Dr. and Mrs. M. Blaustein (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Blecher, in memory of Freda Blecher (VA)
Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel (GA)
Marilyn Bliden, in memory of my mother, Frieda Bliden (MD)
Walker Blincoe (WA)
Dr. David Bloom (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bockelken (OK)
Mrs. Gilbert Bolsterle in memory of Betty Hedden (VT)
Elia Bonino (CA)
Josephine Bonomo (NJ)
Hendrik V. Booraem (PA)
Elizabeth B. Borden (CT)
David Bowers (VA)
Caroline F. Brady (NY)
Marilynn Braude (OH)
Richard Braverman (MA)
Joseph V. Brazie (OR)
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Brewer (MD)
Daniel Brice, in honor of Nina R. Brice (CA)
Benjamin Briggs (FL)
Shirley Brinker (NC)
Gloria Brissman (VA)
Joy D. Brower, in memory of John R. Brower (CA)
Katharine R. Brown (NJ)
Raymond Brown (CO)
Barbara Bruer (OH)
Jeff Buchmiller (TX)
Lee Buckwalter (Puerto Rico)
Robert E. Buecker (IL)
Tova Burger (PA)
Marilyn Burhop (MI)
Robert and Linda Burt (CT)
Margaret Buyagian (ME)
Blake and Elizabeth Cabot (NY)
Cynthia Callaghan (OH)
Castle B. Campbell (NY)
Duncan Campbell (Canada)
Christine Cannon (ON)
Margaret Carr (MD)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carras (NY)
Cary Carson, in memory of Barbara Carson (VA)
Margaret Cartolano (CT)
Astrid M. Caruso, in memory of Joseph and Astrid Caruso (NJ)
Charles P. Caruso, in memory of Mary Margaret Caruso (NM)
Joan Cavally (OH)
June R. Chambers (HI)
Virginia Chapin (MA)
Helen Chapman (NY)
Elsa Charlston (IL)
Ms. B J. Charnak (CA)
Theodore Chase, Jr. (NJ)
Michel Choban, Jr. (CA)
Ingrid M. Christiansen (MA)
Larry A. Christiansen (CA)
Victoria Christie, in memory of VA Howard (NY)
Barbara Christman, in memory of Beverly Sills (CA)
Russell Christopher (NC)
A. B. Ciabattoni (CA)
Vincent Cioffari (MA)
Ann W. Clapp (MA)
Dr. Richard B. Clark (AR)
Elaine P. Cloutier (FL)
Jane Cobb, in honor of Thomas W. Cobb (MI)
Thomas Coenen (IA)
Andrea H. Cohen (NY)
Barbara B. Cohen (WA)
Melvin Cohen (OH)
Ms. William R. Coker (TX)
Louise Coleman (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Collins (TN)
Ardis P. Conner, in memory of Clyde A. Conner (ME)
Dr. Elizabeth J. Cooper (VA)
Heather S. Cooper (NC)
Mrs. John M. Cooper (WA)
Felice Coral, in memory of Hannah Coral (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Corporon (NY)
In memory of Louis C. Costanzo (WI)
Dr. H. Roberts Coward (CO)
Vicki Cowen (NY)
Jane Cox, in honor of Judy Carter (TX)
C. N. Craig (WI)
Evan Crane (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Crane (WI)
Malcolm F. Crawford, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crichlow (NH)
Mrs. Bigelow Crocker (MA)
Anna E. Crouse (NY)
Jane Cullen (NY)
Carol Cutler (DC)
Fay Dabney (MA)
Marian Dahldorf (IL)
Paul and Alea Dahnke, in honor of Aldo P. Magi (OH)
Mildred Dana, in memory of Albert T. Dana (NY)
Arthur D’Antonio (NY)
Gordon B. Davidson (WA)
David Davis (MA)
Martin and Virginia Davis (CA)
Rosalee C. Davison (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Dawson (France)
Barbara D. Day (NE)
Sherly Day-Bernthal (NY)
Darcy F. De Almeida, in memory of Roberto Quileli (Brazil)
Gabriella De Beer (NY)
Edwin N. Dean (MD)
Joyce E. Delamarter (MI)
Theodora S. Dennison, in memory of Warren and Teddy Dennison (VA)
Robert H. Devoe (PA)
Jay S. DeVore (NC)
Lacy W. Dick (NC)
Eric Dicken (England)
George Diller (FL)
Marc DiNardo and Elizabeth Drum, in memory of Mrs. Rose Neuringer (PA)
Sergine Dixon, in memory of Jeanette MacDonald (VT)
Louise S. Dockery, in memory of Katherine G. Stewart (NY)
Kenneth Doll, in memory of Zinka Milanov (KS)
Leo J. Domzalski (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Donahue (VA)
William Donaldson III (IL)
Gloria Donovan (OH)
Mildred Doody (CT)
Phoebe Drews (TN)
Dorothy Drummond (WA)
David Duckman (CA)
Delano DuGarm (MN)
Leah Duling (IL)
Michiko Dunker (CO)
Helen J.A. Dunn (NY)
Dorothy Duryea (FL)
Anne O. Dzamba (PA)
Sophie Echeverria (AZ)
Peter D. Ehrenhaft, in memory of Ann Ehrenhaft (DC)
Carl V. Ehrke (Canada)
Nancy B. Ellis (MA)
Richard C. Elwell (NY)
Sherman R. Emery (ME)
Rod Erskine (OH)
Gerald C. Escala, in memory of Sibyl and Stephen Moses (NJ)
Richard D. Evans, in honor of Risë Stevens (PA)
Dr. Robert Evans (NH)
Martin Evelev (FL)
Brian Fahey (NY)
Herta Farash (MA)
Marcia Farquhar (Canada)
Alice C. Fellows (NY)
Barbara K. Fiala (DE)
†Mr. Julian and Dr. Janet Finell (NY)
Robert Finger (OR)
Kurt and Erika Fischer (DC)
Guglia Fishman (NY)
Joseph Flemming (NY)
Mary Flower, in memory of Helen Damm (NY)
Donald Fowle (NY)
Elizabeth M. Frankel (NY)
Roberts French (NM)
Susan French, in memory of Alfred Greeberg (NY)
Ursula J. Frey (FL)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Friberg, in memory of Ed Ells (MN)
Carolyn H. Friedell, in honor of Fran Peterson (ME)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Friefeld (NY)
L. Ronald Frommeyer (OH)
Mary Frumkin, in memory of Greg Frumkin (CA)
Robert Fryberger (MN)
Dr. Karen Fu, M.D. (CA)
Mimmi Fulmer (WI)
Kate Earle Funk (CA)
Edward Funston (IA)
Marc K. Furon (CA)
Bernard Futter (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Galvin, in honor of Frances Bearden (TX)
Dr. Arlyn Garcia-Perez (MD)
Paul Gardner (VT)
Dr. Stevens Garlick, in memory of Marjorie Garlick Cook (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon I. Gartner (NY)
Gretchen Gearhart (AR)
Emmett Geary, Jr. (LA)
Janice Gerton (NY)
Perry Gethner (OK)
John Gettier (CT)
Judge and Mrs. David M. Gill (CA)
Rev. Don Gillies (ON)
†Helen Giovanucci (NY)
Leslie Glassberg, in honor of Cecil Perlman (MO)
Doris Glazer (MA)
Laurie Glimcher (NY)
Mrs. Carl H. Gmoser, in memory of Beatrice Moss (NY)
Loraine Gnecco (MO)
Ann M. Gold, in memory of Herbert Gold (NJ)
Judith Goldner, in memory of Sylvan J. Mack (MI)
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Goldstein (NJ)
Nancy Golob (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Goodwin (MD)
Sonja Goodwin (MA)
Ann Gordon (NY)
Shirley Gordon (NY)
John E. Gorman (MA)
Louise Gossett (NC)
Mrs. Eleanor W. Gorsuch (MD)
David L. Gray (MD)
Joyce Z. Greenberg (TX)
Gary A. Greene (IL)
Robert Greenfield (MD)
Peter Greenleaf (CT)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenstein (NJ)
Maria Greenwald (CA)
Jane G. Edwards, in memory of Larry King (NY)
Miss Edna Grenlie (CA)
Rhoda Grieve (IL)
Margaret R. Griffel (NY)
Carol L. Griffin (MN)
Elliot Gross (NJ)
Theodore Gryga (CA)
William Gudger (SC)
Louise Guinther (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. William Gumprecht (DE)
Marie-Louise Gustin, in memory of Ralph L. Gustin, Jr. (MA)
Arthur J. Gutman, in memory of Mary Louise Gutman (MD)

James Hadley (MD)
Maxine R. Hagerty (UT)
Anita Halberstadt (NY)
Kathleen Hall (ND)
Phillips C. Hall (MO)
Dr. Peter B. Halmos (MD)
Dr. Ernest Hamel (MD)
Profs. Barbara Russano Hanning and Robert Hanning, in memory of George V. Russano (NY)
Helen Harkins (NJ)
Alice Harms (VA)
Margaret R. Harrington, in memory of Eleanore F. Rinker (NV)
Jenny Hartley, in memory of Margrete Eddy (WA)
Walter C. Hartman (NJ)
James Hartmann (MA)
Susan Hartwell (NY)
Robert Hasbrouck (NJ)
L. Hatch (CA)
Deryck Hautau (OH)
Melanie Hawthorne (TX)
Ivan Hayworth (MO)
Victor Hazan (FL)
Margaret Healy (PA)
Alan Heath (VA)
Ruth Heckman (NY)
Harold Heffner (NY)
Charles R. Heller (NJ)
George Helmkamp (MO) 
Erica Henderson (Canada)
James W. Henderson (CA)
Carolyn and Jay Henges (MO)
Barbara Hennig (NY)
Freda Hermann (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hill (PA)
Henry and Peggy Hill (CA)
Alan R. Hinman (GA)
Elizabeth Hinson (NC)
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hinson (GA)
Harold M. Hochman (NY)
Jonathan Hodgson and Andrea Knox (PA)
Dr. R. D. Hohl (OR)
William Holloway (AZ)
Kathryn Holt, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Holt (OR)
Elsie Holzwarth (IL)
John F. Horan, Jr. (VA)
Barbara Houser (NY)
Paul Huber (IN)
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan J. Hughes (KY)
Vivian R. Hulsopple (TX)
Julie Hungar (WA)
Kathleen Hunter (DC)
Islyn Hurdle (NY)
Susan Hutchinson (MO)
Phyllis Huvos (NY)
Patricia and Edward Hymson (CA)
Carol Iglauer (MO)
Courtney Iglehart (MD)
Mary Inman (TX)
Mr. and Mrs. James Iredell (NY)
Mildred Isherwood (NY)
Mark E. Jacobs (TX)
Andre Jagendorf (NY)
Margaret and Jeffrey Jamner, in honor of Halina Jamner (KY)
Dr. Gary Jaquay (PA)
Barbara Jellinek (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jentes (IL)
Steven Jervis (NY)
Nan Jesse (VT)
Ary Jo Markey (CA)
Mrs. Charles R. Johnson (DE)
Elizabeth H. Johnson (Canada)
Judy Johnson (NJ)
Janet A. Johnston (PA)
Grace Jones (VA)
Jacqueline N. Jones, in memory of Charles Miller Nolte (MN)
Lansing Joralemon (DC)
Marietta Joseph, in memory of Theresa S. Roth (MA)
Herbert Josephs (MI)
Andrea G. Julian (CA)
Mrs. Jerome D. Julius (MD)
Joel Kantziper (MD)
Ronald Kari, in memory of Hermann and Lotte Herz (MN)
Mary Karpinski (CA)
Grace Karschner (PA)
Patricia Kartiganer, in honor of my 75th birthday (MA)
G. Kaufman (DC)
James Kaufman, in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Morris Parloff (NC)
Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Kaufman (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Keller (MD)
Whitmore B. Kelley (MA)
Amy Kellman (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kelly (NY)
Oliver Kenison (MA)
Catherine M. Kennebeck, in memory of John E. Kennebeck (CA)
Gilbert Kennedy (Sweden)
Mr. and Mrs. Urban Kern (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kevles, in honor of Julius Rudel (NY)
Francis Kibler (NY)
Arthur J. Kiernan (MA)
Lois A. Kinckiner (DE)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman King (CA)
Jean L. Klaiss (NY)
Esther G. Klatz (IL)
Henriette Klawans (IL)
George G. P. Knapp, in memory of Lucy Norvell Knapp (CA)
Monica Koch (OH)
Henry Koehler (NY)
Miss Joyce E. Koehler, in honor of Thomas Hampson (CA)
Mrs. John Kondelik (MI)
Mr. and Mrs. Murray L. Konecky (FL)
Joy S. Korman (Canada)
Roberta Kozinn, in honor of James Levine (NY)
Father Joe Kraker (OH)
Thomas Kraus (NY)
Joseph L. Kronick (ON)
Dr. Krishna Kumar (TN)
Phoebe Kurtz, in memory of Robert Kurtz (NJ)
Dr. George Lackemann (OH)
Alan Lambert (Peru)
Mr. & Mrs. W. Loeber Landau (NY)
Warren Lane (MA)
Gilbert Lanfranchi (Switzerland)
Dr. Pauline R. Langsley (CO)
Roxanne Lanquetot (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lans (DC)
David Lasker (Canada)
In honor of Antonia LaVanne (CA)
Courtney B. Lawson, in memory of Josephine Antoine (IL)
Judith W. Lee (NY)
Ursula Lehnhardt (NY)
Howard H. Lentner (NY)
Millicent Lentz (IL)
Lynn Leopold (NY)
Diane L. Levin, in memory of Aline Loiselle (MN)
Sidney Levin (MD)
Joan Levine (NY)
Judith Levine (NY)
Barbara V. Levy (NY)
Susan and Paul Levy (NY)
Jane Lewin (MD)
Dr. Audrey Lewis (MA)
Jack R. Lewis (MN)
Dr. Eva F. Lichtenberg (IL)
Jeanne Lieb, in memory of Herbert Kronish (MA)
Ben Liles Jr. (TX)
I. I. Lilleoren (WA)
Marilyn Lindbeck (MI)
Dr. F. Palmer Lindblom (NY)
Judy Lipp (IL)
Charlotte de Lissovoy, in memory of Eleanor Slutzker (PA)
Peter Ljutich (MA)
†David Londoner (NY)
Margro R. Long (CT)
Nancy Long (CO)
Martin Lonow (NY)
Judge and Mrs. Alan D. Lourie (DC)
Dr. Virginia Lovelace (NY)
Mrs. Richard Loveland (OH)
Janet Luck (CA)
David D. Lundt (VA)
Jean Lunn (MA)
Kristine Lupi (NY)
Florence P. Lynch (NY)
Robert MacDonald (NY)
Peter MacDougall (MA)
Bruce C. MacIntyre (NY)
Mary Mackenzie (CA)
Harry MacLeod (MA)
Frances Magurno (NY)
Leroy Maher (NJ)
Susan Mahmood (CA)
Mrs. Alexander P. Maillis (Bahamas)
Mrs. Bernard Major (NY)
Richard Makman (MT)
Jane W. Malin (KS)
Gloria Malkin (MD)
Daniel Mallett (NY)
Claudine B. Malone (VA)
Patricia Malone (OR)
Ariel Manacher (CT)
William Mancini (NY)
Georgette Manla (NJ)
John C. Mann (GA)
Jeannette Marchant (IN)
Dr. M. Jackson Marr (GA)
Malcolm Marsden (NY)
Mrs. David L. Martin (PA)
Wolfgang E. Marum, in memory of Ernst Adolf Marum (CA)
Patricia Mascarenhas (NY)
Mary N. Masland (NH)
Phyllis Massengale (TX)
Mrs. Walter Masur (IL)
Elouise Mattox (OR)
Carolyn Maurice (NY)
William May (IL)
Ernest A. Maylahn, in honor of Paul G. Maylahn (NJ)
F. T. Maynard (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. David M. McCarthy, in memory of Mary Gutsche (PA)
Camilla McCaslin (DC)
Michael McCaslin (IL)
Helen McCauslin (MI)
Anne McClanahan (TX)
Clara McClure (IL)
Cristina and Ian McDonald (MD)
Dennis McGuire (MN)
Ruth McKee, in honor of the company and staff (NY)
Pamela McKinley, in memory of John C. McKinley (OH)
Russell S. McMahan, Jr. (MO)
Thos J. McWilliams (CO)
Carolyn Meeker (CA)
Mrs. Verne M. Melberg (MN)
Jose Melendez (FL)
Pamela D. Melhado (NY)
Rev. Wallace Metcalf (ON)
Edwin Metzger (NY)
Alice Meyer and Elliott Saunders (NY)
Norma Meyer (MI)
Isabell Middendorf, in memory of Martha Newell (RI)
Mrs. Milton J. Miklas (CA)
William B. Milam (DC)
Barbara B. Millar, in memory of J. Fred J. Fred Beisermann (VT)
Sherwood Milleman (CA)
Burnett and Mimi Miller (CA)
Dr. Elinor Miller, in memory of Sally and Jack Miller (DE)
Mr. and Mrs. Grafton Miller (MD)
Dr. Donald Milsten (MD)
Paula M. Minihan (MA)
Geraldine Miras (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. George Mitchell (TX)
Mary Mitchell (WA)
Michael P. Mittal (OH)
Susan Monath (IA)
Elenna Monchesky (Canada)
James D. Moncure (LA)
Peter L. Monkmeyer (WI)
T. Monroe (AR)
Kathleen E. Moore (TX)
Dennis Morgan (NJ)
Sandra Morgan (CA)
Frank Morrill, in honor of Joseph Volpe (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Morris (MN)
Penny and Robert Morris, in memory of Julie and Ron Peierls (ME)
Elizabeth Morten (Canada)
Jane Mueller, in memory of Robert Mueller (OH)
Sarah Mullane (CT)
Joshua Multack, in memory of Robert Jordan (WI)
Paul E. Murphy (CA)
Daniel J. Myska (NY)
Dorothy F. Nagle, in memory of my father, Blair L. Nagle (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Zoltan Nagy (NC)
Edith D. Neimark, in honor of Al and Rena Klein (NJ)
Jane G. Nelson (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Neuman (MA)
Tillman Neuner (MD)
Teruko Neuwalder (NJ)
Juanita H. Newby, in honor of Dr. William H. McGowan (NC)
Richard and Joan Newcomb, in memory of Verna Dee Goren (IN)
Dr. Evelyn Newlyn (ME)
Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Newman (OR)
Bo Niles (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. William Noble (Canada)
Patricia Noble (CT)
Mrs. A. Lowell Norris (MI)
Rollin Norris (MI)
Joyce Roper Nye, in honor of James Levine (CT)
Edward O’Bara (NJ)
Fay O’Hare (MI)
Margaret Oakes (CO)
Yumi Oikawa (NY)
William Olney (DC)
Dr. A. Paul Olsen (WI)
Daniel O’Neil (TX)
Mary O’Neill (WA)
Grace Orzech (Canada)
Louise Osborn (MA)
Austin O’Toole, in memory of Helen V. O’Toole (TX)
Mrs. Cornelius W. Owens (GA)
Dr. Lillian Oxtoby (NY)

$300 and above:


Pauline Pace (UT)
Muriel Palitz, in memory of Nathan Dobson (NY)
Albert Papazian, in memory of Alin S. Papazian (NJ)
Susan Papp (NJ)
Soo Park (VA)
Nancy Pasley (NY)
Anthony Paternoster (OH)
Edith A. Pena (PA)
Charles Penn (AL)
Mrs. Frederick Petermann (NJ)
Sandra J. Peterson (CT)
Benjamin F. Phillips (PA)
Judith Pierce (MA)
Dorothea Piranian (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pitt (VA)
Judge J. Plager (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pleven (NY)
Albert Ploenes (OH)
Marion Podany (MN)
Gerold E. Pokorny (AZ)
Joseph Policano (NY)
Constance Pollak (CA)
John Post (TN)
Priscilla Bowden Potter (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. John Potts (MA)
Mr. & Mrs. John Prentis, III (MO)
Richard Presser (NY)
Anne H. Probst (ID)
Constance Rachac (CT)
Mr. C. Ramsburg and Ms. M. Zac (NY)
Joseph Ranney (WI)
Jimmie L. Ranson (DE)
Rosemary Raphael, in memory of Sylvan Raphael (CA)
Mrs. Irwin Rausch (FL)
Wendy Raymont (DC)
James Ream (CA)
Roger E. Reavill (OH)
Jean P. Reed (FL)
Dr. Roy Reed, in memory of Donald Mauck (OH)
Daniel Remine (NY)
Bill Renwick (OH)
Edwin G. Richards (MD)
Cynthia Richter (NJ)
F. M. Riekert (DC)
Robert Rifkind, in honor of Joyce Hupper (NY)
Dr. Samuel Ritvo (MD)
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Robb (FL)
Jean Robbins (MA)
Julia Robbins (NY)
Mark Robbins (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. Blake W. Robinson (CT)
J. S. Robinson (TX)
Martha Robinson, in memory of Jeremiah Monk (NY)
Nellie Robinson (NY)
Charles Roeckle, in honor of Audrey Roeckle (TX)
Renee Rogoff (NY)
Lorraine M. Rome (CA)
Emily Romney (MA)
Laura Logue Rood (MA)
Sidney Rose (MI)
Stephanie Roseti, in memory of Ann Florio (NJ)
Elizabeth B. Ross (CA)
Diana Rotenberry, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Rotenberry (MS)
James Rounsaville (TX)
Margaret Routon (TN)
Alan B. Rowlett (Canada)
Dr. and Mrs. George Ruff (PA)
C. Bernard Ruffin (VA)
Mrs. Gregory M. Ruffing (TX)
Irmgard Ruppel (NY)
Erika M. Russell, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Russell (NY)
Jacqueline C. Russell (TX)
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Russo (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Ibrahim Saad (DE)
Sanford Safron (FL)
Gregory Sakal (MA) 
Ruth Salter (NY)
Janet Saltzman, in memory of Essie Saltzman (PA)
Gertrude Salzer (NJ)
Ruth Salzmann (WI)
Jean E. Sammet (MD)
Ann Sampson (TX)
Alvaro Sanchez (MD)
Barbara Sander (MI)
Carmello J. Sanfelippo (WI)
Olga Sarre (PA)
Frederic Sater (NY)
Nancy Sato (NY)
Edmond Scalzitti (IL)
Colin H. Schachat (Israel)
Ruth L. Schaefer (NY)
Edwin Schaffler, in memory of Margaret Craig (TX)
Joseph Schembre (NJ)
Christine Scherer (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Scherrer (NJ)
Donna Schmidt (WI)
Michael Schneck (VA)
Daniel Schneider (MD)
Alan Schrader (IL)
Jeffrey Schroeder (IL)
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Schwarz (NY)
Richard Schwarz, in memory of Arnold Borley (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. David Scudder (MA)
Amy Sebring (TX)
Susan A. Seigle, in memory of Stewart P. Seigle (NY)
Margaret Seres (SC)
Wendy Shaler (MN)
Arthur M. Shapiro (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. David Shayne (FL)
Stephen A. Shectman (CA)
Harva Sheeler, in memory of Miriam T. Young (VA)
Dr. M. Lana Sheer (PA)
Anne Sheppard (SC)
Gerard W. Sheridan (NY)
Dr. Janette D. Sherman, in memory of Donald Nevinger (VA)
Rita M. Sherr (NY)
Sybil Shier (GA)
Gordon Shillinglaw (AZ)
Ellen Shippy (NM)
Mrs. and Mr. Alpha J. Shirey (TX)
Martin Shorb (WA)
William Shropshire (IL)
Ruth and Arnold Shurkin, in honor of Bunny Lichtenstein (NJ)
Deborah Siegel (NY)
Marilyn Sigel (OH)
Robert L. Simmons (CA)
William K. Simpson (NY)
Helen Sindermann (TX)
Alex Skalecki (IL)
Daniel and Linda Sloan (PA)
Benjamin Sloane (NY)
Stanley Sloss (DC)
Charles R. Smith (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Clifton Smith (KY)
Gaylord Smith (MI)
Paul Smith (WA)
Lewis M. Smoley (NY)
Dr. Richard L. Sogg (CA)
Jane Solomon (NY)
Charles Solt (NJ)
Howard Soroos (VA)
Susanne L. Spangler, in memory of Bob Fagan (CA)
Mrs. Harvey V. Sparks, in memory of Dr. Harvey V. Sparks (MI)
Helene Spitzer (NY)
Carolyn Sprankle, in memory of Genevieve Plesse (CA)
Ruth Sprute (NY)
Jeffrey Steinfeld (MA)
Dr. Mona Stern (IN)
Kent M. Stevens (NM)
Anne Stoelting (WI)
Sylvia S. Stoller (CA)
J. B. Stough (TX)
Martha E. Streu (SC)
Carol Stryker, in memory of Elda M. Aquino (NJ)
Nancy Strzelewicz, in honor of and in memory of Beverly Sills (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Roland Summers (GA)
Joseph Surace, in memory of I. Lee Sanders (NY)
Martha Sutherland (AR)
Vrenae Sutphin and David Gray (CA)
Margaret Swan (Canada)
Arline Swartz (PA)
Carol Swope (MA)
Bette I. Tatge (CA)
Mrs. E. William Tatge, in memory of E. William Tatge (MD)
John Tatlock (NY)
Ted D. Taubeneck (AZ)
Mark Taxy, in memory of Bernard Pechter (CA)
Caro Taylor (MD)
Helen Terranova, in memory of William Terranova (FL)
Doug and Catherine Thayer (NM)
Marjorie D. Thompson (MO)
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Thompson (MI)
Ethel Tiberg (VA)
Ruth Timmons (VA)
Ed Tinnel (TN)
Carl Tomizuka & Sheila Tobias (AZ)
Carol J. Tomlinson (CA)
Dr. Takeko Toyama (FL)
Lynn Tracy, in memory of Francis L. Pagani, Jr. (CT)
Patricia Treacy (PA)
Harry Triandis (IL)
Rebecca Tron (MI)
Joanne Trygg (PA)
Miray Tse (AZ)
Bjorg Tveitan (DC)
Henrietta H. Tweedie (IL)
Ennio Uccellani (NY)
Michael Urias (NY)
Richard Vas Dias, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vas Dias (PA)
Lillian Verderber (NY)
Clare Vincent (NY)
Dr. Herbert Vogel (NJ)
Curtis E. Von Kann (DC)
L. Von Schottenstein (FL)
Doris Wages (WA)
Minoru Wakana (NH)
Kenneth Walstrom (WI)
Margaret Walter, in memory of Robert C. Walter (MI)
Professor Virginia Walter (CA)
Susan and Jim Warram, in honor of Brenda and Everett Marder (OK)
Gwyneth Warton (IL)
Eugene Webb (WA)
Elisabeth G. Wedel (AR)
Ann Weintraub, in memory of Shirley S. Weintraub (NY)
Alex Weintrob (NY)
Elaine Weisenberg (NY)
Monica Well (CA)
Donald E. Wesely (NY)
Richard W. Wesp (OH)
Anon E. Westmoreland (GA)
Miriam K. Whaples (MA)
Rev. Elijah White (VA)
William White (VA)
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Whitehouse (MI)
John M. Whitlock (HI)
Alan Wickens (HI)
Christine Wickert, in honor of Douglas and Linda Ahlstedt (NY)
Dr. Michael L. Wiederhold (TX)
Therese Wiedmann (NY)
Helene M. Wieland (IL)
Jane R. Will (WI)
Mrs. Don Williams (TX)
Jane C. Williams, in honor of Irene E. Manni (OH)
J. Claude Williamson (MA)
David E. Wilson, in honor of Sandra L. Wilson (OH)
Maureen Wilson (Canada)
Leonore Wiltse (NY)
Deborah Winant, in memory of Charles T. Winant (CA)
David Windsor (NY)
Dr. Chas Winkelstein (NY)
Iola Winter (NY)
Rose and †Arthur Wolf (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wolfe (IL)
Dr. Edward A. Wolpert, in memory of Gloria Y. Wolpert (AZ)
Linda Wood (OR)
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Wood (TX)
Evelyn J. Wright (CA)
David Wristen (KS)
Edith Wulach (NY)
Elizabeth Yamashita (Canada)
Ronald D. Yates (AZ)
Madeline York (ON)
Lenore A. Young (NM)
William F. B. Young (NY)
Ruth Zachary (MA)
Sena Zane (FL)
Carol and Jerrold Zar (IL)
Leon Zar (IL)
Lena Zeeman (Canada)
A. Zeigler (CA)
Xiumei Zhang (NY)
Ekhard Ziegler (IA)
Ruth Zollinger (AZ)
Myra and Matthew Zuckerbraun, Jay Kriegel and Kathryn MacAuliffe, in memory of Charlotte Kriegel (NY)
6 Anonymous

$150 and above:


Myrna Abbey (Canada)
Dr. Graciela Abelin-Sas (NY)
Rollie Abkowitz, in memory of Tillie Abkowitz (NY)
Mrs. Lee Abrams (TX)
Stephen Abrams (NY)
John Acker (TX)
Nancy Adam (NM)
Joseph F. Ahern (NY)
Richard R. R. Albert (MI)
Carol Albertson (IL)
Jesse J. Alexander (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Allen (CA)
Doris Alvarado (IL)
Jean Anderson (NJ)
Joyce F. Anderson (OR)
Thomas G. Andrew (WA)
Brooke Anson (MO)
Aaron Appelstein (NJ)
Al Armenti (MA)
Leifur Arnason (Iceland)
Paula Asturias (OR)
Lila M. Atkisson (CA)
Patricia Auman (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Autor (MA)
Eve E. Bachrach (DC)
Carol Johnson Bald (NJ)
Elia Barbati, in memory of Gretchen Geiger (NJ)
Allan Barker (VA)
Ivan Barker (WA)
Carol Barrett (TX)
Mrs. Richard C. Bartlett, Jr. (MD)
Elizabeth W. Bate (Canada)
Judith Bauer (DC)
Barbara Bauman (MO)
Mervine Beagle (Canada)
Charlotte Bean (NY)
Ruth Beck (WA)
Alicia M. Behn, in memory of Miriam O. Kurlak (NY)
Rita Bell (MA)
Rosemary Benda (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. George Benigni (IL)
A. Bennett (OH)
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Benstein (OH)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bergquist (NJ)
Leonard Berkowitz (WI)
Jane Beylouny (GA)
Mrs. David Bird (MA)
Rosemary Bisio (NJ)
Mr. Henry C. Bjorkman (MA)
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Blackman (CA)
Robert Blank (FL)
Gunther Blob (PA)
Jane Block and Paul Kruty, in honor of Darina Stanley (IL)
Bernard Bloom (NY)
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Bloom (MA)
H. Franklin Bloomer, Jr. (CT)
Mrs. Werner Bloomfield (NY)
Mrs. Roger C. Boardman (CT)
Barbara H. Bott (PA)
Donna Botz (WI)
June Brewer (CA)
Joyce Brewster (WA)
Alan Bromberg (MD)
Linda Broudy (NY)
Margaret S. Brown (FL)
Nadine E. Brown, in memory of Dr. Michael T. Irwin (IN)
Shelley W. Brown (MA)
Lucia Browning (UT)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruenen (FL)
Mary Margaret Brummeler (CO)
Anthony Bruzzese (RI)
Gail A. Bryant (NM)
Mr. W. Buchholz (MA)
John Burlinham (OR)
Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff A. Burt (IL)
Steven J. and Virginia F. Butala (AZ)
Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Cahn (NY)
John Caldwell (Canada)
Larry Campbell (NY)
Nancy Campbell (NY)
William A. Campbell (VA)
Anne Carlson (WI)
David B. Carlson (IL)
Frances Carter (CA)
Jean Cassill (WA)
Susan Castellan (MD)
Joseph Castora (NY)
Barbara J. Cerrato (MD)
Anita Chadwick (NY)
Mrs. Noel Chadwick (MA)
Joe Chambliss (CA)
Jean M. Chapin (NJ)
Oscar and Jane Chase, in memory of Elsie Gottfried (NY)
Jacqueline K. Chaskel (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Yves Chauvette (NJ)
Richard Chessick, M.D., Ph.D., in memory of Catherine Chessick (IL)
Delores Christiansen (CA)
B. Ciplijauskaite (WI)
Ruth Clearfield (TX)
In memory of Jeffrey Clopper (VA)
Thomas W. Cobb (MI)
Hugh Coburn (OH)
Maria J. Codinach (OH)
Eleanor Cohen (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen (NY)
Barbara Coles (WA)
John F. Comes (MD)
Charles Conley (TX)
Branwen Cook (MA)
Peggy Cooke, in honor of Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
Margaret D. Cooley (CT)
Susan Rollert Cooper (CO)
Margaret Copeland (MO)
Michael Coplan (MD)
Carol Copp (CA)
Diana Cormier (FL)
Gerard Corsini (NY)
Mary Anne Cosentini, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Mr. and Ms. Thomas Cosgrove (MD)
Roger and Barbara Cottrell (TN)
Elenor Cowles (IL)
Bob Crawford (MO)
Ann Crier (TX)
Barbara Cross (NY)
Sally Cross (MA)
Gloria Crum, in memory of Edward Crum (MD)
Don Cutler (CA)
Mr. Thomas Dagon (NY)
Einar Dahl (Norway)
Dr. Walter Dandy, Jr. (MD)
Brad Darnall, in memory of Elizabeth Gerber (TN)
Lois Dasher Chism (AR)
Charlotte de Lissovoy, in memory of Eleanor Slutzker (PA)
Frank De Luca (IL)
Lois Dean, in honor of Jonathan Dean (MI)
Serena Debellis (SD)
Jeanne Deinum, in honor of Mrs. John G. Landrum, Jr. (Canada)
Anahid Der Parseghian (CA)
Marian P. Dessent (NC)
Dr. Diane DeWitt (WA)
Barbara Dickey (IN)
S. C. Dickieson (NY)
Joan Diehl (NY)
Rebecca Dodson (TX)
Maureen Dolan (MN)
Carl R. Dolmetsch (VA)
Virginia Dombrowski (WA)
Gwendolyn L. Doublechip (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Drey (MO)
Jim Dunphy (WV)
Adele L. Egan (OR)
William F. Egelhoff (VA)
Sara Eggers (NJ)
Anne Ehrlich (IL)
Daniel F. Eiben (WA)
Daisy B. Eiman (PA)
Henry A. Einhorn (MA)
Bettijane Eisenpreis (NY)
Esther Ekizian, in honor of Margaret Juntwait (MD)
Ruth Eller, in memory of Rev. Mildred Johnson (CA)
Martha Elliott (WA)
Constance Ellis (NY)
Frank W. Ellis (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Endress (MI)
Elaine Engeln (OH)
Pauline Erickson (MA)
JoEllen Farnham (FL)
Bob Farrell (MA)
George and Susan Fee (CA)
William C. Feist (WI)
Paul Feit (TX)
Dr. Ellen H. Fenwick (PA)
C. Fernandez (CA)
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (MA)
Jeff Field (CA)
Frank Fioramonti (NY)
Alan Fisher (MD)
Martin and Barbara Fishman (CA)
Maura Fitzpatrick (NY)
Mrs. E. Denise Foreman (PA)
Peter Fort, in memory of Pat Fort (MD)
Charles B. Fralick (TX)
Dr. Bruce A. Frankenfield (PA)
Dr. Jan Sweet Freeman (NC)
Faina Frenzel (NY)
Lawrence J. Fried (TX)
Lily Friedman (NY)
Ellen Frost (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fultonberg (NJ)
Margaret E. Furley (NY)
Peter Fyfe (TN)
Lougenia Gabard, in memory of William Gabard (GA)
Andrew Galambos (NY)
Frank Galiley (NY)
Mrs. John Galt (MA)
Marcus Galyean (NC)
Phyllis Garland (NY)
Martin Garry (FL)
John E. Gauthier (NH)
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gelman (PA)
Riccardo Gentile, in memory of Maria Gentile (MA)
Betty J. Gerald (TX)
Mr. and Mrs. Anatole Gershman (NY)
Solange Gignac (CO)
Ralph and †Monique Golby (NY)
Robert Goldston (NY)
Len and Audrey Goodfriend, in memory of Loretta Reinhold (FL)
Linda J. Goodman (NM)
Linda Goodwin (FL)
Neva Goodwin (MA)
Marlene Gordon (NY)
Regina Gordon (NY)
Roger Graham (NJ)
Thomas Graham (OK)
Richard Granville Jr. (NY)
Ramon Greenberg (MA)
James M. Greytak (MT)
Marga Griesbach (WA)
Diane Griliches (MA)
Mr. and Ms. George Groom (CT)
Ethel Gross (CT)
Jane A. Gross (NY)
Joseph Gruendler (NC)

$150 and above:


Mr. & Mrs. William Hale (NY)
Jane Hall (CT)
Arpena Hallajian (NJ)
Mr. & Mrs. Hal E. Hallgren (VA)
Elisabeth Halsteen (CA)
Luann Hamilton, in honor of Betty Jenkins (WI)
Julia Hanna (FL)
Christine Hannon (MA)
Susan Harber (IN)
Betty Hardy (NJ)
Robert Harper, in memory Dorothy French (TX)
Ruth Harris (NY)
Steve Harrop (OH)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hart (MI)
Doris Haskel (MD)
Dr. Elsie Haug (IL)
Todd Haugan (MN)
Hillary Hauser, in honor of Lee Luria (CA)
Milton Havens (PA)
Susan Hazard (NY)
Mrs. Eugene Heffelfinger (MI)
Jean Heilman Grier (DC)
Stephan Heinlein (NJ)
Deborah Heller (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Helm (AR)
Catherine Henley-Erickson (CA)
Anne Hepburn Edwards (United Kingdom)
Nancy Herrin (IN)
Harvey G. Herzog, in memory of Sarah Herzog (CO)
Ed Hewitt (CT)
Mr. & Mrs. John Heyman (NY)
Walter B. D. Hickey Jr., in honor of Daniel M. Meyers (NY)
Emile Hill (PA)
Edith Himmel (NY)
Alice Hirschfeld (MD)
Mary Norum Hoberg (ND)
Geraldine S. Hodge (OR)
Neva J. Hoffmeier (NY)
Ruth Holden (VA)
Loes Holland (Canada)
Mary Howarth (MI)
John Hudson (CA)
Jane Huntington (WA)
Judith Hyman, in honor of Connie Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
Charles Immler (NC)
Dr. Roberta J. Irgens (MD)
Joan Irwin (ON)
Jacquelin Isaac (OH)
Akiko Ishii (CA)
Kathleen Jacklin (NY)
Isabel Jackson, in memory of Eleanor Steber (MI)
Merle Jacob, in memory of Sally Jacob (IL)
Dorothy Jacobson (CA)
Loren Jacobson (CO)
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Jakes (MA)
Janice R. Jansen (CA)
Thomas Jardine (NC)
Judith R. Johnson (IL)
James Johnstone (MD)
Elayne Jones (CA)
Erika Jones (NM)
Dr. Jean M. Jones (CO)
Joseph Joyce (NH)
Mark H. Kadar (MA)
Elayne Kalberman (FL)
Sarah Kantor (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kaplan (NM)
Donna Kapp (AZ)
Shirley Karman, in memory of Lillian and Jacob Katz (NY)
Robert M. Katz (NY)
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Katzenberg (MD)
Bruce Kaufman (CA)
Marie Kazandjian (Canada)
Maja Keech (MD)
Jeannette Kehoe (MA)
Denis L. Keleher (CO)
Mrs. Robert Keliher (ON)
Mrs. Robert Kendall (UT)
John Kerr (ON)
Mura Kievman, in memory of Margaret Patricia Barnes (NY)
Stephen D. King (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klein (NJ)
Bess Klen (CA)
John F. Kofron (AZ)
Jon D. Kowing (MO)
Janet Krache (NJ)
Earl N. Kragnes (MD)
Janet Kramer, in memory of Robert Regan (OH)
Evelyn Kraus (NY)
Dr. William R. Kritzler (NY)
Linda Kumin (AK)
Robert Kurtz (ME)
Ruth Laibson, in memory of Judah Segal (PA)
Bruce Laird (DE)
Vivian Lane (PA)
Rollie Langer (MN)
Mary Lansing, in memory of Mary Ellis Peltz (CT)
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Lantos (FL)
Rosemary Laporte, in memory of Neil Doherty (MA)
Hugh Lappe, in honor of Sarah L. Lappe (NJ)
Nick LaRose (MI)
Renee Leap (CA)
Ellen Lehner (MD)
Mr. Franz S. Leichter (NY)
Rose Lerner (NJ)
Ann LeVasseur (WA)
Howard Leverett (TX)
Bernice Levine (NY)
Jocelyn Linnekin (MA)
Helen I. Livengood (IA)
Ellen Loewenthal (NY)
Rachel Lorber (IN)
J. Lowenheim (NY)
Francine Luft (NY)
Joan Lundin (WI)
Anne Marie Lundquist (MD)
Lita Lunsford (VA)
Ken and Ned Lustbader, in memory of Sylvia Taller (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Lyons (MI)
Gerald W. Mabus (ME)
Bette Macdonald (CO)
Harry and Rosemary MacLaughlin (NY)
Martha M. Macleod (CA)
Susan Maddern (CT)
Barbara Maglione, in honor of Albert Ayella (PA)
Robert Malcolm (MA)
Dolores Malvitz (GA)
Barbara Marcks (MA)
Harold Margulies (AZ)
Winifred Z. Marion, in memory of Maria Zenorini (FL)
Mrs. F.W. Marks, in memory of Mario Martini (NY)
Faye Martachi (NJ)
Belle and Richard Martineau (NY)
Carol Massey (IL)
Brenda Matthews, in memory of John Floyd Matthews (United Kingdom)
Ingrid Mau (CA)
Catherine Mazza, in honor of August C. Mazza (MA)
Paul E. McAdam (MD)
James F. McCaffery (PA)
Mr. & Mrs. Jack McCarley (CA)
Helen McGillivray (Canada)
Michael McGoodwin (WA)
William McGowan (CA)
Marianne D. McGraw (IL)
Susan McGreevy (NM)
Mr. and Mrs. Terry McIntosh (CO)
Warren McKay (DC)
Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin (MA)
Eileen A. McNulty (IL)
Peggy McNulty, in honor of Gillian Cookson (VA)
In honor of James Reiss (CT)
Marilyn Meiseger, in memory of Lauren DeHasse (OR)
Herbert Meltzer (CA)
Sylvia Messner (AZ)
Sigurd Midelfort, in memory of Fannie LeMaine (WI)
Betsy Milano, in memory of Janet Milano Friedel (CA)
Mrs. John S. Miller (OK)
Bertha Miller (OH)
Dean Miller (LA)
Kathleen Miller (CA)
Richard C. Miller (AZ)
Robert L. Miller (TX)
Mr. & Mrs Walter Miller (CA)
Dr. Martha Millman (MN)
John Milwee (IL)
Alex N. Moerle (IL)
Veronica O. Moore (VA)
Wayne T. Moore (NC)
Jacquelyn Moran (NJ)
Coe T. Morgan (WA)
Andrew Morse, in memory of Irene C. Morse (NH)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Moses (WA)
Charles Stewart Mott Fdn. (MI)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mulcahy, in memory of Luciano Pavarotti (WA)
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Munsen (IA)
Mr. & Mrs. Pam and Rick Murray (VA)
Mrs. Robert B. Murray (FL)
Marcia Nadler (NY)
Sandra Naiman (IL)
Beatrice Nakahata, in honor of Plácido Domingo and Sherrill Milnes (CA)
Andrea Nash (VA)
Mildred C. Nicholson (TX)
Mrs. Noel Nicolson (AB)
Laura Noll (NJ)
Harold A. Nomer (RI)
Marilyn Norden (WI)
Robert Nordt (VA)
Susan Norman (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Norton (NJ)
Elizabeth Nutt (NH)
Jan O’Brien (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Obuck (NY)
Mrs. and Mr. Carole O’Dwyer (NY)
Judith and Lou O’Leary, in honor of Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
Mrs. Constance Olstad (WA)
Caroline O’Neil (NJ)
Vincent J. Organic (NJ)
Mr. & Ms. Gordon Orians (WA)
Mrs. Warren Ost (NY)
Saul Ostrow (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Ottenheimer, in memory of The Great Beverly Sills (PA)
Miss Ruth Pace (VA)
Meredith Padula (VA)
Ana Marie Pages (DC)
Virginia Paige (MD)
Susan Pann (NY)
Charles Pannaci (NY)
Nina Pappas (NY)
Morton N. Pardes (NY)
Mrs. Robert Park (FL)
Irma Parker (IL)
Karen A. Pate (TX)
Rolf Paul (MA)
Mercedes Paz (MA)
Lois R. Pearson (MN)
Amelia Peltz, in honor of Victor and Mary Peltz (DC)
Amelia Peltz, in honor of Jane Witherspoon and Brian Stewart (DC)
Homer Pence (ME)
Karin Pendle (OH)
Marta L. Penn, in memory of Donald E. Penn (IL)
Ruth Pennock (WA)
James B. Peters (MA)
Dan and Jana Peterson, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Thompson (IL)
Wanda Petkus (IL)
Robert Petry (OK)
Mrs. Peter J. Pettibone (NY)
Dr. Florence E. Petzel, in honor of William D. Petzel (SC)
Elmer Pfefferkorn (NH)
Jean Phelps (WA)
Joan Pickhardt (NJ)
Geraldine F. Pilzer (MD)
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Placentine (CA)
Sarah Pope (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Porter, in honor of Ruth Stein (NJ)
David G. Post (DC)
Katherine Potts (PA)
Carol Powell (MA)
Eric W. Pratt (TX)
Letitia Principato (NJ)
Edward A. Pritika (NY)
Ms. K. B. Prout (CT)
Helmut Puff (MI)


$150 and above:


Lucille Quigley (NJ)
Marion Rahman, in memory of Franco Corelli (NY)
George Rainer (NY)
Kim Ramey (CA)
Louise Ransom (VT)
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Raycroft (NY)
Suzanna Reardon (NY)
Katherine Reed (TX)
Rosetta Reusch (MI)
Dorothy F. Revell (AK)
Mrs. Gerald Reyman (NY)
Ruth D. Rice (OR)
Louise G. Richards (NY)
Anthony Richardson (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Richardson (MA)
Herman Richey (PA)
Robert Ridings (WA)
Sandra Ringo (PA)
Gerald L. Ritholz, in memory of Ray Jarvis (NV)
Michael D. Robbins, in memory of David Hamilton (NY)
Helena Robinovitz (MI)
Barbara Robinson (MI)
Dr. Jerome Robinson (AZ)
Jose M. Rodriguez (NY)
Marianne Roffman (NY)
Dorothy Rogers (TX)
Janice Rogers-Reeves (TN)
Newton Rose (VA)
Roslyn Rose (NY)
Dr. Wilma Rosen (RI)
Dr. Benjamin A. Rosenberg (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Rosenfeld (FL)
Tom and Barbara Rosenwein (IL)
Florence Rosenwein (NY)
Marie Rowland-Kidman (DC)
Dr. Herschel Rubin (OH)
Alfredo Rubio (FL)
Victoria Rudtke (NY)
Doug Russell (ON)
Helen M. Russell (Canada)
E. Safran (NY)
Natalie Saltiel (IL)
Mary Salton (NY)
Jim Salutz (MN)
Jussi Saukkonen (MA)
Jane Saxton (TX)
Dennis Schafer (IL)
Patrick Schifano (AZ)
David Schmutz (CA)
Pattee C. Schnitzer (NY)
David Schoenbaum (MD)
Jon Schoenbeck (WI)
Dorothy Schrader, in memory of Karin Branzell (VA)
Francine Schutzman (ON)
Nina Schwartz, in honor of Bernice Braid (CA)
Polly Scott (VA)
Roger Scott (PA)
Robert Seidenberg (NY)
Albert Sellen (KS)
Alice H. Selzer (CA)
Alan Serio (NJ)
Peter J. Serritella (NY)
Johanna Sfiscko, in memory of Linda Cooper McGarry (OH)
Robert Shakno (IL)
Joseph Shannon (NJ)
Patricia Sharratt (TX)
Timothy Shepard (NY)
Carl Shiffman (MA)
Gloria P. Short (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shubik (CT)
Leona H. Siadek (CA)
Barbara T. Sidley (MA)
Ruth Siegel (NY)
Martha Sikes (VA)
Caroline Sikorsky (NC)
Martin Y. Silberberg (NY)
Margaret M. Silberg (FL)
Ann W. Silverstein (MA)
Dr. Eric J. Simon (NJ)
Abby Simpson (WA)
Drs. Jerome L. and Dorothy G. Singer (CT)
Darold Skerritt (CA)
Walter Sleeth (CA)
Ms. Jean B. Slobodin (CO)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby S. Smith (MD)
Laurie Smith (CA)
Pauline M. Smith (MA)
Mr. & Mrs. Rose Smith (WI)
Susan J. Smith (OH)
Carol Soldo, in memory of Jeffrey Winfree (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sollman (OR)
Timothy Somes (RI)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sorenson (IL)
Bruce C. Souders (VA)
Patricia Spencer (VT)
Nicholas Spilotro, in honor of Theodore H. Jacobsen (NY)
Marianne L. Sprague (NY)
Martin Stacey (ID)
Catherine Stadem (AK)
Mae Stark, in memory of Edward Stark (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stein (NY)
Lana Stein (MO)
Claire M. Stern (NY)
Jan Stevens (CA)
JoAnn Stewart (CA)
Martha Stewart, in honor of Elise Gautier and Bill Keene (FL)
J. Stockman (ME)
Anthony Stratman (OH)
Edward Streator (NY)
Marcia D. Strickland (CO)
R. Eloise Stroud (CA)
Dr. J. T. Strout (CA)
Barbara Styrt (MD)
Marlon Sutton-Mulligan (OH)
Joseph V. Svehlak, in memory of John M. Foster (NY)
Arlyne Swartz (MD)
Ed Swartz (PA)
Jane Swartz (PA)
Judith Szabo, in memory of Stephen Olchvary (NJ)
Ahmad Taleghany (TX)
Francine Tancer, in memory of Mrs. Toby Rosner (NY)
Marianne Tanner (GA)
Sharon Tarshis, in honor of Betty Minden (ON)
Dora Tassopoulos (Switzerland)
Joan M. Taylor (CT)
Linnea Taylor (VT)
Mildred Taylor (MA)
Father Vincent J. Termine (SC)
Paul Teschan (TN)
Walter Tholl (NY)
Dr. Bonnie Thurston (WV)
Renee Tiesler (NY)
Dr. & Mrs. G S. Tint (PA)
Magda Tisza (MA)
Morry and Faye Tolmach (WA)
Benjamin C. Torbert, in memory of Dr. Walter Jones (MO)
Rev. Paul E. Towner (CO)
Mrs. William Treene (NJ)
Regina Troscianko (NY)
Joseph Tuckman–the disabled veteran (NJ)
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Tundo (MI)
Barbara and Charles Tutt (TX)
Mara Ubans, in memory of Volrads Isaks (ME)
David Ulaszek (IL)
Anne Van Arsdall (NM)
A. VanCranebrock (AZ)
Mr. and Mrs. S. Vandermark (MA)
Willard Vaughan (PA)
Mrs. Walter Veit (NJ)
Fontaine Velz (VA)
Doris Roffino Ververs, in memory of my Dad, Louis Roffino (NJ)
Shirley Victor (CA)
Oscar E. Vilches (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vitt (PA)
Mary Vogt (CA)
Mr. Curtis E. von Kann (DC)
Dr. Harry Wachen (NY)
Sandy Wade (NM)
Phyllis Wagner (MI)
Rev. Walter Wagner (PA)
Katherine Wakayama (HI)
Betty J. Walker (Canada)
Joseph Wallace (MA)
Patricia A. Wallace (NJ)
George Wallis (MA)
Miss Ann Walton (GA)
Judith Wanfried (PA)
Patricia Ann Ward, in memory of David Lowe (TN)
Barbara Wasserman (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Waterman (VT)
James Waters (TN)
Karen Wehner, in memory of Walter Arnold (CA)
Hadassah Weiner, in memory of Fannie Kugelmass (NY)
Sarah E. Weiner (NY)
Ann Weingartner (FL)
Morris and Shirley Weinstein, in honor of Anthony Laciura (NJ)
Luella Wells (WA)
Robert Welton (MD)
Joseph Werner Jr. (MD)
Janet Wessel (CA)
Deborah Whelan (KY)
P. J. J. Whiddington (Canada)
Mrs. J. C. White (RI)
Annetta R. Whiteman (CA)
Nancy Whitmore (CA)
Darrell Wiest (CA)
Carol Williams (AZ)
Anne Wilson, in memory of William C. Wilburn, Jr. (NY)
Barbara F. Wilson (CA)
Carol Withrow (UT)
Mier Wolf (MD)
Robert Wolf (LA)
Barbara Wolinsky (NJ)
Craig. A. Woltze (OR)
Betty B. Woody (VA)
David Woolf (CA)
George Yeh (MO)
Mary E. Young (FL)
Ouida Young (MA)
Dr. Laura Zaika (PA)
Harry Zemel (MD)
S. L. Zenian, in honor of Chris Odell, Esq. (IA)
Nell Znamierowski (NY)
2 Anonymous (NY).